Dear Mr. Spencer:

I want to thank you so much for this site. It has been an unbelievably tremendous help to me this past week. I apologize for how long this story is, but I wanted you to know exactly how your website has opened my eyes and heart.

Last Thursday night, Feb.27, 2003, there was a knock on my door. When I answered it, there stood two well-dressed, polite young men who I immediately identified as Mormons. They asked to come in and share some information about The Book of Mormon with me. I willingly invited them in. They asked me if I knew anything about their church, and I replied that I didn't really know much, even though I had a Mormon for a best friend in high school. I had even played basketball for her Mormon church team! Encouraged by that, they asked me if I knew about Jesus Christ. With tears in my eyes I gladly told them that I did indeed know Jesus Christ as my personal savior and Lord, and that he was my best friend

They said that was good, and they went on to share about the testimony of Joseph Smith and what had led him to write this Book of Mormon, as well as being a true prophet. Being a born-again Christian, I asked them why they felt it was necessary to share this with me, because why did it matter as long as we both know Jesus and we both worship Him as Savior and Lord? They said they believed that the Bible I had with me was incomplete and I needed to know the story about how Jesus appeared to the ancient Americas.

I laughingly informed them that I was positive we were going to agree to disagree about that. I asked them if I might have a Book of Mormon to read on my own and of couse they were delighted to hand one over to me. They explained that they would like me to read a verse which would ask me to pray to the Holy Ghost for truth that what I was reading was the Truth. They asked if they could return next week, and asked me if I had any questions. I replied that I really at this point had no idea what questions to ask, but that I would let them know if I had any after reading. They asked me if I would pray, which I did, and as they left, they asked me to be sure to keep an open mind.

I didn't start to read the book until Monday night after I prayed (NOT from the verse) that God would show me what He wanted me to know, and to help me discern what was His truth. I got no further than the introduction page before I found the first contradiction to the Bible. It said that "all who come unto him AND OBEY THE LAWS AND ORDINANCES OF HIS GOSPEL may be saved".(caps mine) That immediately said to me that Mormons believe in good works, and that faith alone is not enough. Now armed with the truth, I cautiously started reading from the beginning of the book, the first book of Nephi.

About ten pages into it, I was physically overcome with nausea and had to stop reading. The next day, I decided to just skim through the rest of the book and just while flipping pages I came upon verse after verse that specifically contradict the Bible. I decided to go to the internet to see what else I could find out about the Mormon beliefs, and that's where I found your book _Beyond Mormonism_. I read it online, and suddenly everything I was feeling clicked into place.

From the moment I started reading the Book of Mormon I had been reminded of the verses in Matthew where Satan appears unto Jesus and uses Scripture out of context for his own purpose of persuading to Jesus to follow him. And that's exactly what Joseph Smith did: he subtly altered the Holy Scriptures just enough to invite ambiguity and doubt about what the Bible really says and really wants us to believe about Jesus. It was sickening.

Then I went to the mazeministries website and took the Tour of the Temple. I was blown away by the blatant evil, Satanic/Occult symbols that decorate it. It was at that moment that the verses came into my mind regarding the Healing of the Demon-Possessed Boy: "Jesus said, this kind can only be gotten out by prayer and fasting." So I began my first fast as a Christian, and started praying for the souls of these two precious young men who had no clue who the God of the Bible is, or who His precious Son Jesus really is.

I eagerly read your book online, _Have You Witnessed to a Mormon Lately?_ and printed out as much material as I felt I could use to help show them their book and the Bible are incompatible. I continued to pray for these men that God loves so much, and took your advice to keep expectations low, and boldness high. When the mormons came back the following Thursday (last night), my husband, sister, brother-in-law, and myself presented the Gospel to them in the most loving yet firm way we knew how. We pointed out the very basic difference of our beliefs that entrance into Heaven was not dependent upon Faith, Repentence, Baptism, Holy Ghost and Good Works, but salvation came upon believing in Jesus. (John 3:16)

The most poignant part of the whole night came when I asked them to personally consider what comfort they have from knowing that no matter how hard they work at doing good, they still will never know until they stand before God if what they did was enough. I told them that my only comfort came from knowing that no matter how I try to be good and do good, I still fail alot, but that I will always have the assurance that the moment I die, I will spend all eternity with Jesus in Heaven just because I believed. They responded the same way they had all night, with admitting that only Heavenly Father knows our hearts and only He can know if we're good enough to be in Heaven with Him. And in my mind, all I could think is that is so very SAD!!! My heart broke then and there for them.

After that, we all agreed to disagree even though they said that our two beliefs really did have just so much in common, and basically we all pretty much believe the same thing. I knew from your website, though, that they believe nothing of what we believe, and that they were just saying what they thought we wanted to hear. I have never seen anything so tailor-made to the individual listener. The whole experience was frightening and sad at the same time. I thank God up! on bended knee that I already knew the one Truth before those young men appeared at my door, and I'm so thankful that your website was there to speak the truth loud and clear about the Mormon faith so I was prepared for what I would face.

You are such a blessing! Keep getting the word out even to Christians like me who thought that the Mormons have the same doctrine, but just a slightly different interpretation. Now I know it is an oppressive system steeped in the occult - it is a cult. My prayers are with you, and with everyone caught in this web of deceit. Every time a Mormon knocks on my door, I will invite them in, present the Gospel and pray that one day when they need it the most, they will remember it and come to know the Truth.

In Him,