A response to a long letter from a woman involved with a Mormon boy.

Thanks for writing. Here is the part of your message I want to respond to:

"I am getting emotionally drained and I need some advice. I need advice on any way that I can show Truth to your friend. I am very desperate to help him save his eternity. It's not my relationship with [him] and that I am so worried about but his eternity."

1. Emotionally drained. Two problems here. a). You have fallen down the proberbial "rabbit hole." By that I mean that the Mormon world is "topsey turvey," it really can't be understood. And, yes, it _is_ demonic. Even me--a seasoned Christian and an exMormonÑcan become confused when I get too close to it. So, you are on dangerous spiritual ground when you engage in conversations with him. And I suspect you are not spiritually ready to encounter Mormonism. b). You are in a vulnerable spiritual position because you are in violation of the Biblical warning not to be "unequally yoked with an unbeliever." You are yoked to him even though you are not married to him. Dating is, in actual fact, the beginning of marriage--you start to become "one flesh" even before the actual marital union. Especially if there is any sort of sexual union. And in this day and age, "dating" almost always mean cohabitation. The sexual (and presexual) union affects us very, very deeply. (1Corintians 6:16 "What? know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh.")

2. "It's not my relationship with your friend that I am so worred about, but his eternity?" Are you so sure? Are you so sure of your motives? Though I believe you _are_ concerned about his eternal destination, I doubt that that is the strongest thing motivating you. Why do I say that? Because, as a student of human nature (and a student of the Bible) I know that the heart is deceitful. I can so easily fool myself about my motives. And I am good at hiding my motives from others. We are like that. If you truly are concerned about his soul, you should disentangle yourself from him and pray for him. You will not be able to witness to him while you are in disobedience to God's word about your relationship with him.

Amber, don't think I am judging _you_ I am telling you about human nature and about God's Word. God loves you and he loves your friend and he has told us how to conduct ourselves in these matters. Try obedience in this. That is if you want to be right with God more than you want to be right with your boyfriend.


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