Dear Mr. Spencer

I just wanted to thank you for your ministry and your book, Beyond Mormonism. Back in high school, I had many Mormon friends and after their constant witnessing, I seriously considered joining the Mormon Church and had even taken the missionary lessons. But when I prayed about joining the Mormon Church, I heard the Lord say no and of course I didn't. Still for many years, the teachings from the missionaries continued to haunt me. It was then I read a copy of Beyond Mormonism and I feel that book truly helped release me from the bonds of Mormonism and to look at Mormons with compassion and not anger

In April of 1997, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Sadly though, my sister announced at the same time she was joining the Mormon church. Since that time, my brother has also joined the church. It is heartbreaking to see my family lost but I continue to pray for them. I'm learning so much from your ministry newsletter on how to witness to them. It can be frustrating tho! ugh when they do not see the truths plainly stated in the Bible.

I am encouraged by your story and by the stories of other people who have found Christ after being members of the Mormon Church. Our Lord is truly omnipotent! Thank you again for your ministry and may God bless you.