The first from Julie Richmond, OF Littleton, Colorado who wrote a letter to the editor of the Denver Post:


Tom Minnery, Focus on the Family spokesman, says that Mitt Romney “has acknowledged Mormonism is not a Christian faith,” and this based on his personal interpretation of a speech given by Romney. Mr. Minnery’s interpretation is wrong.


I am a Mormon also, and I wonder: Why is it so important to Mr. Minnery and others to follow Romney’s (or any other Mormon’s) every word and try to find something to prove his personal opinion that Mormons are not Christians? Why does he revel in discrediting the Mormon Church?


His quest to belittle us reminds me of the Pharisees who followed the Savior around, listening to his every word, pouncing on anything they could. They missed his message of love and service because they were so busy trying to find fault.


I can tell you that Mormons are Christians in every sense of the word. The official name of our church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our entire focus is to try to pattern our lives after the life of the Savior when He lived on the earth.







Because the words Jesus Christ are in the name of your church? Come on. How about the church that is named, “The First Church of Jesus Christ, Elvis?” Or “The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ?” Or, “The Cyber-Church of Jesus Christ Childfree?” They describe themselves as “a group of Christians who feel the call to have no descendents by fleshly means, just as Jesus had none.”


Dozens of Apostate Mormon spinoff churches use the name of Jesus Christ in their title. And it is the Utah based Mormon Church whjich is defining them as apostate. President Hinckley told the French that he was guilty of not worshipping the same Christ that “they” [other so-called Christian churches] do.


So, it has to be more than a name. Does anyone think the Democratic Peoples Republic of [North] Korea is really democratic? Or the Republic of Cuba?


Anyway, Christian churches are defined by what they believe, not what they call themselves. I have written a full answer to your question at: