How I met Christ

By Sean Wilson

I was raised in a semi-Mormon family, what I mean by that is that our family was not very involved in Mormon activities. My brothers and I would go to the local ward about twice a month and my mother about three times a year. My Father hardly went at all, unless it was to a Boy Scout program or banquet.

I lived in Salt Lake City most of my life, so all of my friends were Mormon. My friends didn't come over to our house often because my parents werent active Mormons. They told me that their parents didnt want them going to my house because of that.

About 1984 my parents got a divorce (I was eight years old). After that I didn't go to church anymore. My mother moved to a suburb of Salt Lake and my father transferred to California. My mother remarried when I was in 8th grade. I began going to the Mormon Seminary program at school continued to be shunned because my parents weren't active Mormons and I began to resent the Mormon Church.

When I was in the 10th grade my mother and stepfather and I began to attend the Greek Orthodox Church. About two months later I was baptized and I felt people would accept me. I started studying the Bible and found some differences between Mormonism and the Bible. I let my bitterness towards Mormonism cause me to have a really unpleasant childhood. I constantly told them how wrong their were and how unloving they were. I wanted to win arguments with them.

When I was a senior in high school I fell in love with a Mormon girl, but she wasn't adamant about being married in the temple. I started to tell her all the problems with Mormonism, but she really didnt care or she didnt believe me. About ever month I got on her about Mormonism I tried everything. We watched "The God Makers" and I even took her to see Sandra

Although we didn't resolve our religious differences, about three years later we got marriednot in the Mormon temple. About four months after we got married she started wishing that we had been married in the temple. Every body was getting on her about it. Her friends never really talked to her after she got married to me. It was like watching my own life all over again.

Soon her mom started getting on her about itI thought our marriage was over. It was then that I wrote Mr. Spencer a letter explaining my situation. He told me that I had done all that I could do, that there were really no magic bullet, and what it would take would be patience and love. I really didnt want him to tell me that. I felt he could do something with all of his knowledge on Mormonism, but I found out it doesnt work that way.

I decided to go to Mr. Spencers and Ed Deckers conference in Pocatello. It was hard to convince my wife to go with me because it was two hours away. But she knew how much this meant to me, so she agreed. We both worked the day of the seminar and had to work the next day as well. Getting there was stressful

We got there a little after seven PM. It really was hard to find a seat but the nice Christians helped us with that problem. Anyway I thought for sure this would straighten her out. I knew everything Ed and Jim were going to say, but I hoped somehow she would hear them even if she couldn't hear me. At the end of the meeting Jim asked us all to pray. I said to myself, "She'll be saved for sure once we are done praying.

But something happened to me during the prayer! I felt something I had never felt before. It was as though Jesus was saying to me "You really never knew me." I was born again!

Jamie wasnt touched by God that night like I was, but for some reason she is now listening to me and also beginning to see that Mormonism is a fraud

I was very religious, but I never knew Christ. On that night I submitted myself to Him. All I had to do is ask Him to come into my life.

At this time (August 1999), I really believe my wife, Jamie, is in the progress of being saved. After what happened to me that night in Pocatello, everything started to change for methe way I talk and the way I act. Jamie knew something was up.

Mr. Spencer has been there the whole time helping me with her. Jamie and I are now going to attend the University of Utah. We are looking at a course in Christian Studies. WE are going to take it together.

I discovered you can be the best "Christian" and not really know Christ. It's like Mr. Spencer wrote in his book the Heresy Huntersall I did was hunt for errors and have arguments. Now I search the Bible tp build up my own salvation and to witness with love.

If it wasnt for men like Jim Spencer, who demonstrate truth and love, I might still not be saved. I might still just be arguing.

Sean Wilson