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Is Online Virus Scanning Reliable? Pros and Cons

Online virus scanning entails the use of the web to remove viruses and malware from a computer. The antivirus scanners usually run on online servers. With the rise of cybersecurity issues, online hackers are becoming more conversant on machine vulnerabilities. Thus, making it possible to interfere with the antivirus software on your computer. One of the effective ways to counter this issue is to use an online antivirus scanner. 

There are numerous cybersecurity providers on the Internet. Select a free antivirus scanner from a reliable service provider and run it on your computer. It entails following a few instructions from the website of the antivirus provider. The online virus scan is reliable and functions like the typical antivirus software since it will start scanning your machine immediately after installation. Moreover, this virus scanner can complement the antivirus software already working on your computer.

In case of malware or any other threat, the virus scanner eliminates it. However, you need to ensure that the online antivirus is from a reliable company. Carry out due diligence before you scan your machine to ensure the site address is legit. 


virus scanning

Below are some of the advantages of using an online virus scanner:

  • Online virus scanning identifies and eliminates malware and other viruses on your computer.  
  • It is free of charge. As long as you have stable Internet access, you can run it on your machine with ease and convenience at no cost. 
  • A wide variety of virus scanners are available online. You can select the best with no limits and change the virus scanner whenever you want. 
  • Online antivirus is user-friendly. You don’t require a manual to set-up, and it doesn’t leave any traces on your machine.
  • When hackers take over your machine, you can still run an online antivirus and eliminate the threat. No need to format your machine.
  • Most companies offering free virus scanners ensure that the scanning tools are up to date. 
  • It functions seamlessly with other antivirus software. 


virus scanning

As much as online antivirus scanners are reliable, there are also a few downsides that prevent efficiency.

  • You need a stable Internet connection to use an online antivirus.
  • An online virus scanner is not a protective shield against virus attacks; it only identifies and removes the threats.
  • If a computer is already under attack from some malware, it may prevent the online antivirus from performing efficiently.
  • It is not 100% reliable compared to stand-alone antivirus software. The types of viruses an online virus scanner eliminates are less. 

Ultimately, the choice of an antivirus depends on your security needs. Using an online scanner is an effective method of testing your computer’s security. Select one from a reliable provider and scan your system at any time. You can research and read recommendations from reliable review sites on the best online antivirus. Even with already installed security software, you can run the online scanner to ensure your computer is virus-free.