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 In my books, Bleeding Hearts and Propaganda: The Fall of Reason in the Church and Heresy Hunters: Character Assassination in the Church, I explore the drift into emotion over reason, feelings over truth, style over substance. The most dangerous idea threatening the human race today is Relativism, the concept that every idea is as good as every other idea. It is expressed in silly expressions such as "Truth is Relative," and "Your Truth is not my Truth."

Of course those who say such things don't want truth to be relative when they are having heart surgery or flying in an airplane. In surgery and aeronautical engineering, they want truth to be very solid.

Nevertheless, I admit that cloudy, implausible, muddled, and unreasonable thinking sets my teeth on edge. When I hear ideas like "What Consenting Adults Do in the Privacy of their own Bedrooms is Nobody's Business but Their Own," it is like hearing fingernails dragged roughly over a chalkboard. (The AIDS crisis is the refutation of this sexual-relativism idea.)

The articles referenced on this page are examples of what I have come to affectionately call "Stinking Thinking." I hope they serve to illustrate the need for a return to rational thinking.

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