Are these the same Saudi's we rescued from Sadam? (Who would have moved south after taking over Kuwait)?

Saudi official's poem praises suicide bombers

CAIRO, Egypt - The Saudi ambassador to Britain, a well-known poet in the Arab world, has praised Palestinian suicide bombers and criticized the United States in a poem published in a London-based newspaper.
       "You died to honor God's word," Ghazi Algosaibi wrote in "The Martyrs," a short poem on the front page of the Saudi-owned Arabic daily Al Hayat on Saturday.
      The poem praised Ayat Akhras, an 18-year-old Palestinian who blew herself up in a Jerusalem supermarket, killing two Israelis and wounding 25 on March 29, the same day Israeli troops began their incursion into the West Bank to crush Palestinian militias behind a wave of attacks.
      "Tell Ayat, the bride of loftiness... She embraced death with a smile while the leaders are running away from death. Doors of heaven are opened for her," wrote Algosaibi, the ambassador in London for more than a decade.
      In an apparent reference to Arab hopes that the United States could help end Israeli-Palestinian violence, Algosaibi, wrote: "We complained to the idols of a White House whose heart is filled with darkness."