Did You Ever Think You Would be Buying Mormon Books in Your Local Christian Bookstore?

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Two ministry friends recently contacted me about the ongoing erosion of Christian discerment regarding the cults. One, John Murray from Tualitin, Oregon, is an independent sales rep. who calls on secular bookstores. He told me that a well-know Christian Book Distributor was offering a book that was authored by a prominent Mormon. I knew the book and I also knew that it contained pseudo phsychology, New Age psychobabble, and Mormon "spirituality." That book is The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey. That book is being distributed by CBD, "Christian Book Distributors.

While I was busy attempting to put together a respone to this development, I got a call from Bruce Webb, who owns the King's Way Christian Book Store in Pocatello, Idaho. He told me he had just been on the phone with the CEO of Baker Book House, Dwight Baker. Bruce said he had received a new book from Baker (the publisher which once published two of my books: Beyond Mormonism and Have You Witnessed to a Mormon Lately?). The book, Expressions of Faith, is by Mormon artist Greg Olsen.

Olsen is very popular not only in Mormon circles, but in Evangelical Christian circles as well. His painting, "O Jerusalem" (which pictures Jesus overlooking that city) adorns the homes of many Christians either as a free standing painting or as part of a calendar or other collection of Olsen's prints.

Olsen must be considered an accomplislhed artist. And I probably would not even bring this up if the situation hadn't escalated to its present state, i.e. the publishing of Expressions of Faith.

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