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Necessary & Useless Household Appliances in the Kitchen


Housewives today have a huge number of kitchen assistants available. The choice is huge. But it is impossible to place the entire range of household appliances at home.

Everyone decides for himself whether he needs a particular kitchen item. Especially now there is a lot of equipment that has a relatively low “efficiency” for most people.

So someone cannot imagine his life without a small fryer; someone needs an oven only for storing pans. Each of us has our own priorities and preferences in this matter.

What is really necessary for the kitchen and what can be painlessly abandoned?

The Most Useful Things

Household Appliances in the Kitchen
Images Source: pexels.com

In truth, there are not many really significant kitchen units. And to be quite precise, only 3 attributes are in the lead in this category.

  1. Refrigerator. There is no alternative equipment with such functionality. You will not find any family who does not have a refrigerator. The most important thing in your kitchen!
  2. Stove or hob. Almost no cooking process can do without it. So you can’t do without this assistant.
  3. Oven. Baking is one of the main functions of the oven. Although there are a lot of people who would replace it with a more versatile device.

Popular Universal Helpers

This group contains household appliances with high popularity. And, importantly, these devices do not get dusty on the shelf, taking up only space in the kitchen. On the contrary, they are in intensive operation.

Many, of course, do well without these accessories, while not feeling any inconvenience.

  1. Microwave oven. The most functional models can not only defrost and heat food, but also fully replace the oven. This technique is relevant both for practical hosts and for lovers of semi-finished products.
  2. Multi-cooker. An indispensable thing for those who do not like to mess around with cooking for a long time and spend a significant part of their time in the kitchen. It will help you prepare soup and bake a pie.
  3. Electric kettle. Fast boiling speed with auto switch-off pleases many families, especially in the morning. Although some owners of gas stoves prefer to save money and use an ordinary kettle.

Necessary, But Not for Everyone

This category includes household appliances, which are almost never purchased spontaneously. The decision to purchase is carefully weighed and considered.

  1. Dishwasher. It is in demand in families with large numbers of people, when the dishes have to be washed several times a day, and more than one plate.
  2. Food Processor. In demand among people who cook a lot using complex technological processes. It will be easier for others to do everything manually, so as not to bother with washing and storing it later. But if you peel, slice, beat and stir every day, the food processor can really make life easier and save time. Keep in mind that the more functions it has, the more expensive the machine is.
  3. Blender. A blender will be a great helper for parents of toddlers, lovers of various kinds of mash, and mousse. It will also help to get rid of lumps in the dough.
  4. Electric meat grinder. Necessary for those who love meat products (cutlets, homemade sausages, etc.), but are wary of ready-made minced meat.
  5. Kitchen scales. For those who like to strictly measure all the ingredients. And for those who regularly sit on diets with an accurate dosage of portions.
  6. Food Steamer. For fans of healthy eating habits.
  7. Bread maker. Is an accessory for lovers of fresh baked goods, who use it regularly.
  8. Juicer machine. Only portable models are actively used. Bulky units are only available for the preparation of juice in large quantities.

For Amateurs

Household Appliances in the Kitchen
Images Source: pexels.com

This includes household accessories that you can regret buying if you are not a true fan of a particular dish.

  1. Ice cream maker, Donut Maker, etc. This is a delight for both children and some adults. But does it make sense to buy them if these aggregates are used no more than a couple of times a year? It is easier to buy these Goodies in the store.
  2. Coffee machine, coffee grinder. Only a true connoisseur and gourmet of natural coffee cannot do without these devices. The main disadvantages of all coffee machines are noise, cooking time, and cost. Only a powerful and expensive unit can make coffee according to all the rules quickly and without disturbing the whole house.
  3. Beer Brewing Appliance. It is a machine for beer sommeliers. Since not every beer lover will wait patiently for 10 days to enjoy a drink of their own production.

No One Needs Them, But They Are Present

The last group includes the most useless household appliances in the kitchen, which are used very rarely or have become forgotten by everyone.

  1. Egg Boiler. One of the most useless appliances. Technological progress is good, but in this case, the victory for an ordinary pot.
  2. Electric knife, slicer. There is no need for such units in the house. They are also unsafe, especially if there is a child in the house.
  3. Fryer. A massive supplier of harmful dishes that should not be fed to the family. Wash the fryer from burnt fat — the main drawback of the device. And at the same time, it takes up too much space in the closet.

When choosing kitchen appliances, remember that even the most modern appliances will not inspire you to cook. But it will spend your money and take up space in the closet. Choose something that is guaranteed to benefit you.