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Things To Do in Germantown MD

Things To Do in Germantown MD

There are small places in the world with a couple of hundred residents that have town status. Germantown is entirely opposite, and with a relatively large population of 90,000, it still is not incorporated as a town. Only 25 miles from Washington D.C. is part of the metropolitan area and even hosts important government buildings and agencies like the U.S. Department of Energy. It is an excellent base for exploring Maryland and the country’s capital with plenty of things to do while staying there.

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Germantown Attractions

If Washington D.C. is on your itinerary, Germantown can be an excellent starting location with a couple of nice attractions. Visit Lancaster County Dutch Market, also known as Amish Market, where you can find locally grown quality products. Browse through famous Lapp’s Candy, The Bake Shop, or Zook’s Cheese shops or check out high-quality Amish furniture.

Germantown hosts Butler’s Orchard, a traditional farm that grows a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, and flowers. The best time to visit is in October when there are plenty of available products, and they host the event Pumpkinland.

You might want to check out a concert, theater play, or other events that the BlackRock Center for Arts hosts. The largest and most prominent venue in the region has an incredible cultural program and almost sold out attendance.

Many of the Germantown attractions are outside the unincorporated urban area. Go Ape is located near Lake Needwood in Rock Creek Regional Park and has six zip lines, an adrenaline treetop course, and plenty of other adventurous things to do. 

Another attractive public area is Black Hill Regional Park, where you can enjoy a picnic, occupy a grill bench. There is a playground for children and a couple of exciting trails.

Water Park in Gaithersburg MD

Water Park
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Nearby Gaithersburg offers a few fun places to visit. If you are exploring Maryland in the summer months, head down to Bohrer Water Park. Besides the main pool with a tropical theme, there are a couple of slides and splash pools.

Between Summit Street and Diamond Avenue, you can explore the Old Town Gaithersburg, where you can see the old architecture, traditional old school drug store, small train station, and the Old Town museum. The area also hosts antique stores and various restaurants.

Old Town Gaithersburg Restaurants 

Old Town has American and restaurants based on other cuisines. Don Jorge’s Restaurant is in the heart of the Old Town. Excellent reviews for Tex-Mex place with large portions and options for authentic Mexican cuisine.

Another popular place in the area is Olde Town Café, which has home-cooked traditional American contemporary classics, fast food like burgers and fries, and mostly flattering reviews. 

Rio Movie Theater in Gaithersburg 

If you want to grab a movie, Rio movie theater is situated in Rio Washingtonian Center, Montgomery County’s most prominent shopping centers. You can choose from more than 50 stores, restaurants, and venues. California Pizza Kitchen and Joe’s Crab Shack are the most popular restaurants in Rio complex, where you can rent a paddleboat and relax on the lake.

For those who look for outdoor activities, Seneca Creek State Park is near Germantown. Seneca Creek is running through the park, where you can have a picnic or go fishing. The park also offers hiking trails. 

Gunners lake is in Germantown, and you can relax by the lake, take a hike, or cycle around the perimeter. Some locals even go for a swim in the summer. 

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Bottom Line

Germantown is close to Washington, D.C. It is a cozy, more relaxed place to stay when visiting the capital and the state of Maryland. Local farmers market, prominent performing arts venues, and outdoor activities in nearby state parks are leading reasons to visit Germantown. You can explore the old days with a visit to Old Town Gaithersburg, in summer hop in the Gunners Lake or go for fun slides in Bohrer Water Park.