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5 Garage Items that you Should Keep

Interior of a clean garage in a house

For a classic car lover, a garage is your happy place, especially if you equip it with the things you need and love. You can mix and match with functional items that are useful for your vehicles, and with fun items that are symbols of your passion for a specific car, a car company or just an idea or philosophy that matches your personality. While you are spending quality time in your garage, you might as well put on one of your favorite classic car t-shirts. Not only will this get you in the mood for checking the vitals of your classic car, but it will also remind everyone that cool cars are close to your heart. Here are five great things to have in your garage.

1. Old Gas Station Signs

Few accessories say retro and vintage-like wood or metal signs with a symbol from the past showing the primacy of cars in the U.S. Or you can go all out and light up the garage with neon signs that celebrate old gas stations, forgotten brands of oil, vintage gas pumps and Route 66 Service station emblems. Simply put, a worthwhile garage exhibits some classic car art.

2. Personalized Signs

To make space your own, you need a personal touch. Add your name to a sign that shows respect for an era of automotive history. You might not even have to buy it yourself. Drop a hint to family members and you could receive a custom-made design for a present. They will love making you happy, and you will like getting exactly what you want. You can choose from many designs and then add your name or some other personal touch.

3. Garage Organization


A messy garage is like despoiling a sacred place, so keep things neat and organized with shelves, hooks, dispensers, pegboards, and racks. These items allow you to store fluids for your car, cleaning supplies, tools, flashlights, electric cords and more so you can find them right away. Efficient storage makes better use of space, allowing you to cram more things in your garage without it ever looking crowded.

4. Vacuums and Blowers

A clean car is a must, and a clean garage isn’t far behind. With dozens of choices by top producers, you can find the ideal vacuum for your needs. You can go big or go compact, or get one of each. Choose among an assortment of dry vacs and wet vacs and air blowers to clean out the car’s interior, the floor of the garage or the leaves outside the garage door.

5. Low Profile Billet Aluminum Jack

Image Source: unsplash.com

Having the right jack on hand is critical to protecting the undercarriage of your classic car or low rod. This powerhouse of a jack lifts up to 2,000 pounds and yet is compact and easily stored in the garage or in your car. It is stable enough to avoid disasters such as your car rolling or the jack tipping. It is an essential tool for your garage.

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