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Report rates Utah worst in the nation in terms of mental health status suicide rates

Contact: Heather Cobb, Mental Health America, (703) 797-2588

Alexandria, VA (November 28, 2007) - Mental Health America today released its report, "Ranking America's Mental Health: An Analysis of Depression Across the States," a first-of-its-kind study examining state and national data for statistical associations between access-to-care factors and actual health outcomes, namely a state's mental health status and suicide rate. Included in the study is a ranking of the 50 states and the District of Columbia based on rates of depression and suicide. South Dakota is found to lead the nation with the best depression status while Utah ranked last. For the full report and complete rankings, visit mental health web site.

Utah ranked 51st [worst in the nation] in depression status. For both adults and adolescents, 10.14 percent reported experiencing a major depressive episode in the past year. Among adults, 14.58 percent experienced serious psychological distress. On average, residents of Utah reported 3.27 poor mental health days per month.

The top ten "least depressed" states are: 1) South Dakota, 2) Hawaii, 3) New Jersey, 4) Iowa, 5) Maryland, 6) Minnesota, 7) Louisiana, 8) Illinois, 9) North Dakota, and 10) Texas. The bottom ten "most depressed" states are: 42) Wyoming, 43) Ohio, 44) Missouri, 45) Idaho, 46) Oklahoma, 47) Nevada, 48) Rhode Island, 49) Kentucky, 50) West Virginia, and 51) Utah.

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