Did this page force Mormonism to revise its Internet home page?...


The information on this page below the double lines was accurate when I posted it. Since that time the Mormon leaders have rewritten their home page correcting it to more accurately reflect real Mormon teaching. The page no longer claims that "Heavenly Father" is "All-wise and all-powerfulthe ruler of the universe."

As I stated in my original criticism, the Mormon Church does not believe the god they refer to as "Heavenly Father" (the Mormon god Elohim) is the ruler of the universe. Rather, the Church teaches that he is but one of a pantheon of gods who is himself the offspring of other gods. He may rule the activities on this planet, but certainly not the entire universe.

I can't be sure that the Mormon Church leaders changed their home page because of my criticism, but change it they didas you can see by going to the official Mormon home page. As of the end of September, 2007, the page more accurately reflects actual Mormon teaching.

I am happy they made the change for whatever reason. Being honest is always a good policy.

I hate to be blunt, but the Mormon Leaders are Lying on the official Mormon web page.

Here is a recreation of some of the content on that page, followed by my challenge to their truthfulness.

Their Statement
What is God like?

God is perfect. He is all-wise and all-powerfulthe ruler of the universe.
He is also merciful, kind, loving, and justyour Heavenly Father. We are created in His own image (Genesis 1:27).
Because you are His child, He knows and loves you as an individual. He has a plan to help His children find joy in this life and return to live with Him when this life is over.

My Challenge
The statement on the authorized Mormon home page says the Mormon "Heavenly Father" is all powerful, all wise, and the ruler of the universe. No knowledgeable Mormon believes that.

Here is the actual Mormon teaching about "Heavenly Father:" His name is Elohim, he lives on a planet near the Great Star Kolob with his thousands of plural wives. He has a father, a grandfather, and no one knows how far back his genealogy extends. He procreated you and me and Jesus and Lucifer. He was part of a Council of Gods who decided to create an earth and people it. All men can become a god just like he is. They can rule their own planets, but they will never rule the universe."

That's the real Mormon story. Nowhere in historic Mormon Theology is there the idea that Elohim is the supreme ruler of the universe, rather he is but one of many in a hierarchy of Gods.

I challenge any Mormon anywhere to prove to me that the Mormon Church has not taughtclearly and consistentlythe doctrine as I have described it.

Mormon leaders who decide to disseminate this kind of deceiving information certainly are doing so with full understanding that they are lying. They know what the word universe means. It does not mean a planet, a corner of the universe, a little-bitty part of the universe. The universe is the universe.