I Don't like these things, but...

I don't like pictures of Jesus in the clouds, in light reflections on lake surfaces. I don't like Mary's face in sidewalk stains, etc.

However... when I saw a photocopy to this picture of Jesus in the Galaxies, I couldn't help but be fascinated for two reasons:

    First, the photo appeared as a full page in US News and World Report(August 25, 1997).
    Second, no mention of the Jesus likeness was made in the story, "How Big is the Universe."And no onecalled attention to it in any letters to the editor in subsequent editions of the magazine. It is as if no one saw the picture. Yet, everyoneI show this to sees it clearly.
I saw the photocopy on the office wall of Mr. Pickrell of Ketchikan, Alaska. He formerly published the magazine Southeast Alaska. I scanned the picture directly from US News.

So, anyway...here it is