Son of founder of Bachman, Turner Overdrive
Mormon Rocker leaves the faith

Tal Bachman's web site Tal Bachman (34), son of singer Randy Bachman (Bachman, Turner Overdrive), told an Edmonton Sun reporter that after "intensive research, reading every book about Mormonism he could get his hands on, talking to every church defender he could find, "he discovered to his "horror" that so-called "facts" surrounding the LDS Church and its founder were bogus. About a year ago he made the decision to leave.

Bachman said he "never set out to refute the religion that had formed his entire life" and related how in his quest to learn about the roots of Mormonism, his own stake president conceded to him that "a lot of these things didn't happen the way that they say they did.

Mormons are often quick to accuse defectors of leaving because of some sin. To this charge Bachman says, "Baloney." "I's not my fault Joseph Smith was a charismatic religious genius. I didn't make up any stories about how aboriginal peoples are lost Israelites. Joseph Smith did. The fact that we all know aboriginals are descended from Asiatics and therefore The Book of Mormon cannot possibly be what it claims isn't my fault!"

Bachrnan's disappointment with Mormonism has not caused him to lose faith in God.