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5 Top Fashion Accessories for New Moms

It’s no secret that your life will change once you become a mother. Your body will be different, and instead of going to lunch with your besties, you’ll be changing diapers and singing to your little bundle of joy.

But just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t feel good about yourself. As a new mom, you may be looking for fashion tips that will help you regain your confidence as you navigate the round-the-clock demands of parenthood. 

Here are some top fashion accessories for new moms.

1. A Statement Button-Up Shirt

Loose button-up shirts are in fashion right now and are perfect for moms. Look for flowing designs that can be tucked in or left out, depending on the outfit. For example, you can partially tuck a pastel button-up shirt into a pair of jeans, or leave a pinstripe version hanging over some activewear. Whatever you decide, the right shirt will be both comfortable and flattering, covering any postpartum body issues about which you may feel self-conscious. Don’t forget, a button-up shirt is ideal for breastfeeding mamas.

2. A Little Black Dress

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When you own a little black dress, it can serve as your go-to for any occasion. Additionally, your LBD should be versatile and make you feel good every time you wear it. The options are endless: You can dress it up for a date night with a pair of heels and clutch or wear it to brunch with sneakers and an oversized bag. Little black dresses come in a range of fabrics and cuts, and when you mix and match them with colored accessories, they will always look fresh.

3. High-Waisted Jeans

High-waisted jeans will disguise any lumps and bumps and show off your curves. If you’re not sure which way to go, know that you’ll look fashion-forward in black ripped skinny jeans. In fact, this style of jeans can be worn day or night and suit a busy lifestyle. Wear them with a pair of flat ankle boots for everyday styling or heeled boots for your next date night. While it’s always worth investing in a pair of good-quality jeans, know that your body shape will continue to change over time. 

4. Canvas Shoes

Great news: flat canvas shoes are still on-trend and can be worn with everything from skirts to athleisure pants. You can even wear them with your little black dress. As you’re likely well-familiar, new moms are busy, and these types of shoes are easy to slip on when you need to run errands or want to visit the park. You can stick to white or black to complement any outfit or go for a pop of color to show off your personality. The choice is yours.

5. Accessories

A pair of earrings, a watch, or a bracelet will make any woman feel stylish. If you’re worried about your child damaging or breaking your jewelry, know that there are some baby-friendly designs on the market. For example, you can purchase pretty silicone necklaces that are designed with babies in mind. With this option, you can add color to your outfit — and your teething tot will be safe if he or she decides to pull on and/or chew it.

fashion accessories

Fashion Tips for New Moms

New moms like you can feel fashionable and stylish with a few key additions to their wardrobe. In particular, a little black dress will make you feel like your old self and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

Additionally, know that high-waisted jeans are flattering and fashion-forward and can be worn with canvas shoes or boots. Button-up shirts are also on-trend and flattering for post-baby bellies.

Finally, don’t forget to add accessories to modernize your look.