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7 Signs You Have an Electrical Problem in Your Home

electrical problem

If you have an electrical issue in your home, the warning signs will show before it becomes serious and dangerous. Therefore, you need to be familiar with these signs to prevent any dangerous situations from happening. Ensure you make the necessary repairs to avoid any damage to your home or electrocution. Although you can troubleshoot some of these problems, you should always contact professional electricians from Charleston to do the diagnosis and repairs for you. Below are signs to help warn you if you have an electrical problem in your home. 

Burning Odor 

Is there a burning smell in your home from switches or outlets? This is a warning sign that you have an electrical problem and you should turn off the power at the electrical panel. Afterward, contact your local electrician to come and check what the issue could be. It may be the wiring, overload, or faulty device issue. Take a burning odor in your home seriously, as it could mean that an electrical fire could be starting. Also, if there are any connected cords or wires that you feel are warm, it may mean you have an electrical problem as well. Avoid using any of these until the issue is checked out. 

Hot Ceiling Fixtures 

You must always check the area around your ceiling fixtures for poorly insulated fixtures and warmth as they tend to heat up. Where the maximum wattage for a bulb is above the usual, the light overheats. When there is too much heat building up in the ceiling fixture, it can start a fire. Therefore, to take extra precaution switch to CFL or LED bulbs that do not have much heat, unlike the incandescent bulbs. 


As you plug a cord for the first time, it is usual to see a spark. However, if it happens often with large sparks, this becomes a problem. If you see the spark and hear the popping sound as you plug into a circuit or outlet, this is a warning sign that there is a loose wire. Importantly, diagnosing a loose wire in such a case is dangerous and you must follow safety precautions.

Flickering Lights 

Have you noticed flickering lights in your home recently? This is a sign of a defective or loose light bulb. To fix this easily, replace the bulb. If it does not solve the flickering, call a qualified electrician as it could mean a more serious issue. Plus, the issue could be that the actual light fixture is the source of the flickering. 

A Circuit Breaker Problem 

If your home circuit breaker is overloaded, it tends trip to protect your wires from overheating which can cause an electrical fire. Besides, the reason for a circuit breaker tripping can be that they are old. If you experience frequent tripping of the circuit breaker, it is time to contact your electrician as it may be a sign of a more serious issue. Also, if you have any work that you need to sort out inside the electrical panel. Have a professional do it as it is dangerous doing any DIY stuff in there. 

Light Switches or Outlets are Not Working 

One sure sign of an electrical problem is when your outlets and light switches are not working every other time. It may be the wiring in the fixture that is loose or there is an internal crack on the device. If you have a loose plug, it causes issues to anyone using it and it can shock them if the plug falls out. Thus, call an electrician if you have defective or loose wires in your home, to have them inspected and repaired. 

Electrical shock 

If you feel mild tingles and shock as you touch any home appliance, it may be improper electrical wiring or a ground fault in that appliance that is the cause. Also, experiencing a shock as you cross a carpeted area may be a static shock which is of no concern as it is normal during winter. However, other types of electric shock should be taken seriously before it becomes dangerous to people living in your home.