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5 Things to Do Before Going to Bed


Coming from a hectic day of office or party, you often lead yourself to bed when you know you are fully tired and your body cannot take it anymore. 

We often forget our duties that we owe to our health. We often forget that our lives are a blessing from God and the only way we can respect it is by taking care of it.

Things like leaving makeup attached to our skin, ignoring the overall environment of your house and etc. are what important to make our night easy. Our sleep affects the overall peace and the entire next day routine is dependent on how peacefully we slept the other night.

Thus in this article we discuss briefly the most important things that we should do before going to bed. 

Take Off Makeup

It is bad for your skin. Every artificial thing attached to your skin has an expiry limit. 

Very often, women tend to forget about taking off the makeup and it gets even more dangerous when they forget taking off the lances. It is so dangerous that it can take away the sight. 

So the very first and foremost thing to mention is, before going to bed is you wash off anything that is attached to the face. 

Drink Lemon Water or Green Tea

Drink lemon water or green tea before going to bed as it helps make your immune system more powerful. It helps in processing the digestion before you fall to sleep. 

Drinking lemon water with a dilute hot water also affects the skin. Green tea helps us lose weight and cures obesity. 

Most of our health problems rise because our immune system is often unable to process the diet we intake the way it should. If we fix it by either drinking lemon water or green tea, a lot of our health issues will automatically become resolved. 

Since the best time for digestion to take place is before you fall asleep, we suggest you always drink lemon water or green tea before going to bed.

Keep the Lamps On

A very obvious suggestion but some people like it when their room is dark. It is good if you make a habit of turning your lamp on. It helps provide you a peaceful environment with your favorite colors surrounding you. 

Psychology says light dim yellow shaded lights help you refresh your brain cells and help you in having peaceful sleep. 

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Meditation is the Key

Meditate a little bit before going to bed, it helps avoid unnecessary thoughts when you go to sleep and you get to sleep peacefully. 

When we get too tired, unnecessary thoughts start revolving inside our head and that is when we become patient of diseases like Insomnia and other similar ones. 

Meditation before sleeping helps us in generating the ability to push away such psychological issues. 

Go to Bed Early

Going to bed early is as important as waking up early in the morning. However it is a cycle in which the result of every aspect is interconnected with the other one. By that, it means if you go to bed early, only then you will be able to wake up early in the morning.

If you would not sleep early and yet wake up early in the morning, it will disturb the entire next day of yours and that will negatively impact on your overall schedule. This way, you cannot live a healthy routine or lifestyle.


When we sleep, our brain cells function and they process the overall thoughts about the life we spend in our daily routine. Our brain cannot function properly if we do not provide it a good peaceful environment in which it can rest. 

In this article we have tried to cover the five most major things that you should do before going to bed. These points included factors starting from taking off the make-up to going to bed early. It has also included in itself the meditation process which is a type of exercise to keep our brain cells function properly. 

Follow this basic checklist and start having a healthy sleep to increase productivity in your life.