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Maintaining Social Distance During COVID-19 Pandemic


During this alarming situation, due to COVID-19, doctors are suggesting the public must go into self-isolation and to keep a social distance to stop the fast spread of coronavirus. As there is no vaccination currently that can fight against coronavirus, you must have to go into self-quarantine or isolation. This is how China has fought against this pandemic. Therefore, for your guidance, this article is going to explain how one can maintain social distance during this pandemic situation.

social distancing during coronavirus

Social Distancing Explained

In this chaotic situation, you might be getting alerts and warnings from doctors and governments to maintain social distance. But what is actually meant by social distancing? According to some studies, social distancing is a medical term that advises the public to maintain a certain distance from each other in order to prevent any possible spread of contagious disease.

Why Do You Need to Maintain Social Distance?

Even if you are healthy and have no obvious symptoms of coronavirus, you need to maintain and promote the phenomenon of social distancing to avoid the spread of this pandemic. As described by various scientific studies, one infected person can easily infect others, doubling the numbers in four days. 

If you decide to maintain social distance, you can help to slow down the process of spread to eight days from four. That is the very reason to maintain social distance amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ways to Keep Social Distancing During Coronavirus Pandemic

In order to prevent the possible spread of deadly coronavirus, you need to follow simple tips and rules that will help you and your family to stay healthy. Want to know how you can maintain social distance? Keep reading then.

  • Three Feet Rule

If anyone around you is sneezing or coughing, then try to maintain a distance of almost three feet with that infected person. We know that sneezes and cough can be the symptoms of any other normal problems like flu or allergy, however, you need to be careful as advised by the World Health Organization (WHO)

  • Avoid Going Into Public Places

Be it a pub, sauna, gym, park, shopping, or any other public spot; where your visits are not mandatory, please refrain yourself from going into such places. 

  • Social Distancing at Workplace

Although many affected countries are now suggesting their citizens work from home, you must try to maintain some distance there if you have to go to your workplace due to some reasons.

  • Allow No Visitors at Your Home

We know that you are a good host who likes to give a warm welcome to his visitor every time. However, this is not the right time to do so. You have to change this habit in order to combat coronavirus. Also, advise your friends and family members so practice these simple rules.

  • No More Eating Out or Ordering Food

If you are the one who loves to enjoy eating out or is fond of restaurant food, you need to give this habit a pause. Even the food that you are ordering at your place can be the possible carrier of coronavirus. 

Therefore, you must need to avoid ordering food. This way you can also stay healthy by eating home-made clean and healthy food.

  • Say No To Mass Transit Systems

We know that mass transit systems are cheaper and affordable for daily commuters. Nevertheless, such systems can be the possible cause of spreading COVID-19. That is why it is suggested by the BBC and other authentic sources that you must avoid using mass transit systems. 

  • Prefer Private Transport Over Public One

In case of any emergency, you can go out, however, even in that scenario, you need to avoid using public transport like Uber or others. The reason behind such a suggestion is that public transport; be it even the carpool, is used by many commuters daily. Thus, it can be a possible source to spread coronavirus. 

However, if you are using your own car, then you must keep it clean properly. You must disinfect your car before and after using it.

  • Two Meter Rule

In case you have to go somewhere in a public place, like to get basic home supplies or at the hospital, then you need to maintain a distance of almost two-meter with everyone around you.

  • Practice Self Isolation

One of the best ways to slow the spread of this deadly pandemic is to practice self-isolation or self-quarantine.  Try to stay indoors and keep yourself away from infected peoples. Also, keep a healthy distance with your pets. We know it is difficult, but you need to go through this process to fight against this pandemic.

  • Reduce Clinical Visits

If you are suffering from any disease other than COVID-19, we would suggest you reduce your visits to clinics and hospitals. You can take advice and get yourself checked on a phone call. 

In case if you are observing symptoms of coronavirus, even then too try to get yourself checked virtually. If your doctor advises you for tests, then go for it and by the time you get your results, keep yourself isolated. 

  • Distantly Socialize in Social Distancing

Thankfully, there are numerous apps and software for you that let you stay connected with your loved ones. So that you can get to know about the health and whereabouts of your family members, relatives, and friends. 

Break The Chain- Maintain Social Distance

social distancing during coronavirus

Social distancing is the only successful way to deal with this globally spread pandemic of coronavirus. You must need to play your role in keeping its rate of spread slow. For that, strictly follow what your doctors and government are suggesting. 

Currently, there are more than 0.3 million confirmed cases of coronavirus globally. It is high time to stay vigilant in combating this pandemic. Else, there will be deadly consequences if you ignore all suggestions and advice. Therefore, stay healthy, boost your immune system and promote social distancing to break the chain of rapidly spreading coronavirus.