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The Main Types of Coffee Machines

The Main Types of Coffee Machines
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Description: Are you planning to buy a new coffee machine? Discover the main types of coffee machines and their benefits in this post. 

Many people can’t imagine their lives without coffee. It helps us get more energy, refresh our minds, and get ready for a long working day. Coffee makers have also become an inevitable part of the kitchen interior in millions of homes. But how to choose the best appliance that will meet all your expectations? What are the top rated coffee makers under 40? Find out the answers to all your questions about coffee-making devices right here below. 

Pod-Based Machines 

This type of device uses special capsules for creating a cup of coffee. By the way, they are also known as single-serve solutions. Each pod contains a particular amount of ground coffee required for making a cup of traditional espresso. Pod coffee machines continue to be in the list of the most popular appliances on the market since they are very practical and usually don’t provide too much mess when making coffee. If you have already tried to use a simple and pleasant-looking device for making caffeine drinks, it might be a pod-based solution. This appliance is highly valued by businessmen, students, housewives, and hundreds of other people because of its polished design and comprehensive functionality.

This appliance is usually not the cheapest one. So, why do people choose pod coffee makers? The fact is that they are incredibly fast and convenient. The only thing you need to prepare a fantastic cup of coffee is to insert a particular pod into the device and press a couple of buttons. That’s all! Now, you can enjoy drinking your favorite coffee done at lightning speed. 

However, pod coffee machines might not become a good fit for demanding coffee enthusiasts. The number of coffee flavors available in capsules is very limited. Therefore, if you want to try new costa rica coffee brands or discover new tastes, it is better to choose pump coffee-making appliances. 


  • Superfast
  • Easy to use

Pump-Based Makers 

If you are looking for a classical appliance, a pump-based maker is right for what you might need. They have a larger number of functions and options for making coffee but are not as easy to operate at the pod-based alternatives. You can hardly find pump coffee machines in the offices since they require following a complicated set of instructions. 

However, if you are a coffee addict, you can buy this type of device for personal use and experiment with preparing different kinds of coffee drinks. This appliance will be a nice purchase for caffeine lovers and for people who desperately need to consume at least a few cups of coffee every day. 


  • A large number of drinks available 
  • Can use various types of coffee

Bean Coffee Makers 

These appliances can be easily found in thousands of offices in any country. As a rule, bean coffee making devices have a very handy design that allows preparing coffee in a blink of an eye. Most devices don’t have too many functions and are very usable. The only thing you will need to do to enjoy an amazing taste and aroma of your favorite drink is to press the button. 

Another benefit of bean coffee makers is their capacity. The coffee machines can easily make a large number of cups of coffee within the shortest terms. Moreover, bean coffee appliances can create various types of coffee. Most devices support making cappuccino, latte, espresso, and traditional black coffee. This will surely fit the needs of different people. 

It might be good to note that you can effortlessly choose various types of beans for your device. This simple trick will allow you to try different alternatives, get coffee with different effects and properties. Even if you have already picked up your favorite beans, you might want to try something new from time to time. 

It is also worth mentioning that free-standing devices are also bean coffee makers. You can find these machines in hot spots with high traffic, where dozens of people might use the device per day. As a rule, they have in-built payment options and are used for commercial purposes. 


  • Practical and convenient
  • Can do most popular types of coffee

Filter-Based Devices

These machines are amazingly popular devices that only allow preparing black or American coffee. This coffee maker might become an excellent choice for those who prefer classical types of caffeine drinks and don’t like milk-infused beverages. 

The operating principles of filter machines are completely comprehensive. You will just need to place pre-ground coffee on a paper filter, press a few buttons, and wait for your drink to prepare. Unfortunately, filter machines don’t have any brewing functions, so you will need to do it yourself. Moreover, it is not as fast as other popular alternatives. As a rule, filter coffee appliances are purchased for individual use or in small offices with a very limited number of employees.


  • User-friendly design
  • Can prepare traditional black or American coffee 

There are plenty of various types of coffee makers you can find on the market. Some of them are very handy and budget-friendly but have limited functionality. The others might appear to be pricier but offer to prepare a whopping number of various coffee drinks in minutes. Feel free to choose a perfect device according to your needs and tastes