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Cloud Connect Explained | An Introductory Guide

Cloud Connect is a connection service that provides quick and secure public cloud connections from specific data centres. The service is built upon the cloud interconnectivity capabilities of MegAport Software Defined Network Technology. Megaport enables physical links to public cloud boundary sites from Sptel. Sptel provides the necessary routing services for a public cloud connection. If you are looking for it you have to Get cloud connect from Sptel.

AWS Direct Link: 

Your organisation may connect a dedicated network between your network and one of AWS Direct Connect sites using AWS Direct Connect. This dedicated connection can be divided into several virtual interfaces with industry standard 802.1q VLANs. This allows you to utilize the same connection for accessing public resources such as items stored in Amazon S3 via the usage of public IP address space and private resources, for example Amazon EC2 instances operating on an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). You may modify virtual interfaces to suit your cha any time!

Azure ExpressRoute from Microsoft:

Create private links with your Microsoft Azure datacenter headquarters, branch locations and data centres. The connections from Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute are non-public and offer greater dependability, quicker speeds and lower latency than traditional connections on the Internet. In some circumstances, ExpressRoute connections may provide you considerable cost advantages for data transport between on-site systems and Azure. With ExpressRoute you may connect to Azure at an ExpressRoute location, such a network provider or an ISP provider, directly over your current WAN network with Azures, such as a VPN labelling multi protocol switching (MPLS) system.

Google Cloud Interconnect:

Google Cloud Interconnect provides high-level performance and throughput, guaranteed by some of the industry’s strongest SLAs. You may create, test and deploy apps on a highly scalable and trustworthy Google infrastructure through Google Cloud Interconnect. It allows your company to achieve outbound traffic cost reduction between your Google VPC and local resources.

How can I connect directly to a cloud?

There are numerous ways to access the cloud provider through a direct cloud connection from your headquarters, branches or colocation environments. That includes a telecommunications company, ISP or network provider. Your company can buy cloud connections directly through a coordinator with a data centre connection to a cloud provider. Your company may also leverage SDN connectivity and network providers such as Megaport or PacketFabric. Colt, Colt, Orange Business Services, euNetworks, NTT Communications, Telstra, Tata Communications, Singtel and more. As mentioned above, your business is capable of purchasing cloud connections directly from many traditional domestic and international telecommunications carriers, ISPs or network providers like AT&T, CenturyLink, Zayo, Comcast, Telia Company, BT, Colt and other companies.

It is crucial to investigate whether your headquarters and office locations are on-line and accessible through a cloud direct connection to your unique cloud provider. This simply indicates that your particular building location has current provider service availability and that the network supports direct cloud access. Depending on regional or on-line availability, your organisation may need to use numerous distinct suppliers.

Colocation providers and data centres: 

Many collection providers are linked to major cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Equinix, CoreSite, NTT Daten Centers, KDDI, NextdC, Telstra, Cologix, Telehouse, 365 Data Centers, Netrality and more are included.

Enable a direct cloud connection to your cloud provider by the colocation provider and your individual data centre site. Although a colocation provider provides cloud connections directly, only some of its data centre services can access direct cloud connection.