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Charity Donation & Non-Profit Organization In Singapore

Every country has its charity and non-profit organizations. Many of the organizations work under UNICEF or as per the UNICEF guidelines. The main purpose of these organizations is to raise funds for the needed ones, especially children. As per the statistics and analytics, the orphan rate of children was 153 million worldwide. Such data came out to the public after UNICEF surveyed back in 2020. 

Like these organizations, one new firm was introduced, named as Give2Children charity organisations in Singapore. In short, G2C is a cross-platform for other groups, companies, and individuals. The motive is to save the lives of the children of Singapore society. They work in different categories to support all age groups and raise funds personally or sometimes companies direct-communicate with them. 

Furthermore, the Give2Children charity organisations in singapore worked effectively in the COVID times as well. They support many kids, youth, and families by warning them of the risk factors.  

Family support

In addition to their work, they also support families to regain that stability to earn their own and live a happy life. This thing is presenting a great image of their society to others. Meanwhile, they are hiding their weaknesses and standing with each other in hard times. 

Moreover, one of the best missions can be to serve others like Mother Teresa. One of the best quotes of Mother Teresa is If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one. You can also be a part of this noble cause without any kind of discrimination of race, color, or cast. It is easy to participate in the Give2Children charity organisations in Singapore, all you need to do is simply open the site and follow the instructions. Here they got two options, which are as above


Mainly you can donate from anywhere and as per the quotation, no amount is small. Every penny is counted and is worth full in the end. You might be happy by helping a life. All you will be doing is sharing something that is not their fate due to some circumstances in the form of an amount. But the Give2Children charity organisations in Singapore assure the donor that the amount is used and they get the proper accountability of each penny. 

As the circulations continue, it becomes easy for the Give2Children charity organisations in singapore to manage all the stuff. They started food drives as well in the COVID times to provide essential meals or groceries to the need one. Meanwhile, They are conveying the message that everyone on this mother earth is the same. 


Moreover, many groups, companies, or individual peoples helps  Give2Children charity organisation in singapore in raising funds. So they launched an event named Fundraiser. In this everyone can start a campaign for raising funds. No sooner, different groups helped them by launching different events or campaigns to raise funds. This thing helped them a lot and this is a quite natural form of advertising and encouraging more people to be a part of such events. 

Mainly, you might not get to know how your given amount will be circulated and will be provided to the needed one in many forms. It can be in grocery forms, medicine or treatment, setting up one’s home, maintaining any orphan house, and so on.


It is kind of great to be a part of such a noble cause. Every country is trying to end poverty and other things, to become a strong community. For this many people show up their passion, love, and care for others who they are not aware of.