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Ceiling Wallpaper: How to Master the Trend

ceiling wallpaper

Looking for a way to update your home and use the latest design trends? Ceiling wallpaper is a growing trend in the bedroom living room and kitchen interior design. Forget plain white ceilings and find out how to master this iconic trend in your home. Work with a professional designer today to find out how to enjoy this inspired look in a single room or throughout your home.

Go Bold or Keep It Subtle

Wallpaper comes in a wide variety of colors, prints, and patterns. A subtle pattern on white paper can give your ceiling a touch of style without dramatically affecting your room. For interior designs that already include bold colors and vibrant patterns, sometimes less is more.

More minimalist interior design can be improved with a striking ceiling wallpaper option. Choose a bold pattern, like chevrons or a print, to create a central theme and draw the eye upward. This bright and memorable option can dramatically change a room and give it a modern twist.

Choose Colors Wisely

colors for ceiling wallpaper

White ceilings have been a traditional option to reflect plenty of light. If you choose a brightly colored ceiling option, you’ll still enjoy the same illumination. For a darker or more varied ceiling color, you’ll need to reconsider your lighting options. A colored ceiling reflects colored light, which can affect the colors of everything in your room. Work with a designer to determine the best ceiling color and matching furniture and wall colors to ensure the entire effect is unified and achieves the tone you’re seeking.

The best interior design companies choose carefully to create a well-lit room while still adding color and texture to your home. Work with a premier designer to enjoy an ideal balance of both color and illumination.

Consider your Lighting

When choosing a darker or more varied wallpaper option, ask your designer about your lighting. Modern LED light bulbs and add light fixtures can brighten up your home and beautifully illuminate your ceiling and every corner of your room. Powerful lighting doesn’t need as much reflection and can still light up your room without the help of a plain white ceiling.

Swap out warm, low-lumen bulbs for bright white light that won’t get lost in the darker colors of your new ceiling. Or, if you’re looking for another way to update your look, consider choosing mood lighting that plays well with the colors and tones of your wallpapered ceiling. Mood lighting is a unique way to change the tone of your bedroom or other room in your home.

Work With a Professional

ceiling wallpaper

Without professional designs and installation, there can be many issues with wallpaper on the ceiling. First, wallpaper installation can be tricky to master. DIY wallpaper projects typically leave seams, bubbles, and uneven joints, which are unpleasant on a ceiling and easily visible.

Instead, a professional installation team can create a seamless, beautiful ceiling. Work with a Santa Monica interior designer to select the ideal wallpaper color and pattern for your room or to refresh your entire interior design to reflect your newly inspired wallpapered ceiling style.