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Car Tech Technologies To Watch In 2020 And Beyond


Cars of this decade are packed with more amenities and advanced features than ever. These cars range from high tech multimedia to other luxury features. The modern technology of cars and their convenience feature is something worthy and deserves to be praised. Although, not only the latest feats make a big difference. The small things also end up being more convenient for drivers and passengers as well. 

Car driving and mobility are also changing the world at an incredible pace. For now, self-driving cars are also becoming a reality. According to the IDM prediction, almost 15% of new cars will be capable of driving themselves by 2030. 50% of new vehicles will be electric according to McKinsey by the end of this decade. 

Modern technology in the automotive industry will impact tech-savvy countries first. The USA, Europe, and UAE are countries that adopt technological changes faster than other countries. It will also leave a great impact on different businesses like Rent A Car Dubai etc. Continue reading this blog to see what are the car tech trends and how they are changing the automotive industry in the first place of aduk gmbh

Here Are Some Highlighted Car Technologies That You Need To Keep An Eye On.

Electric Cars

The world is eagerly waiting for electric cars to launch in the market. The internal combustion engine has become the building block of the auto industry for more than a century now. These cars will be eco-friendly as they don’t consume any fuel to move. This concept is also supported by enhancing battery technology and charging infrastructure. Its trend will be increased by 10 to 50 percent by the end of 2030. 

Adaptive Cruise Control

This technology tends to provide safety to the car owners. The adaptive cruise control functionality is provided to the modern so they won’t collide with another modern car. It is an ultimate convenience feature that is best for its mpg-improving and ticket-avoiding advantages. This feature will be on the next level in the future.

Dual-clutch Transmission

Dual-clutch transmission shifts are seamless and lightning-quick as it can provide a 2 pedal gearbox that is best and super responsive for effective driving.

Electric Propulsion

Electric cars are more fun to drive and you will experience them after driving. They won’t make the high pitch sound but the straight-line performance is something you would love to experience. 

Cheap Lidar

All carmakers and automotive industries agree on the fact that lidar is the future of self-driving cars. This radar works with other car sensors to help the car watch its surroundings because of the ultrasonic and long-range radars. These sensors will be cheaper in the future so that all the customers can use it. 

Connectivity Features

This feature is ideal as it lets you access navigation, local search update, real-time traffic, and much more. And, that is the reason all the automobile industries are aggressively working on adding connectivity in the vehicles. There will be a modem in the vehicle to connect with a cloud to sync the data. The hybrid uses a combination of two connectivities that are embedded and tethered. 


Bluetooth has evolved to play music on the portable device but now it is also serving as a link between mobile apps and car infotainment systems. It will help you to connect phones and cars to connect the devices. It will also help cars to communicate with each other in the future. 

Advanced Navigation

We all use Google maps mostly to navigate from one place to another. But, many car manufacturers are working to provide us with better and more efficient navigation systems. The advanced navigation system will be connected by the cloud and it will also help to provide real-time traffic analysis, local search, etc.


Most of us consider safety first while buying a new car. The modern driver assist systems use various cameras and sensors to track any kind of danger. For instance, if the car ahead of you stops suddenly, the AI will take control of the vehicle or adjust the car speed accordingly. It will also be a lot effective for an emergency brake to avoid accidents. 


Some companies are quite motivated to bring your spa system into your car. Companies like Ford, Mercedes, etc are working on the car interior to offer the best and comfy chair. These chairs also work as a massage chair. However, many companies make up for it so the customer can choose from different patterns. 

Future Car Features 

Cars today are techy but they will be more high-tech, advanced, and durable in the future. There are still many things that car industries are motivated to launch and implement in upcoming years.  

The following are the technologies that will be implemented in cars in the next decade hopefully. 

  • Automated valet parking
  • Self-driving cars
  • Smartwatch integration with the car
  • Prevention of side and front collision
  • Complete 3D gestures
  • Driver override tech
  • Connected vehicles to collect data
  • Biometric and remote control technology
  • Remote vehicle shutdown
  • Health monitoring for drivers
  • Airbags to stop the car immediately

Final Thoughts

We have discussed the updated car tech technologies of 2020. Many automobile companies are working day and night to come up with more advanced technologies. We are going to witness many changes in the future in this industry. However, the successful launch of autonomous cars will completely blow your mind. 

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