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5 Sushi Facts That Will Entice You Into Buying Sushi Making Kit

Sushi Facts

Sushi- the word itself takes you into the yummylicious world of fresh salmon, sticky rice, and lip-smacking wasabi. Nothing matches the joy of gorging on fresh sushi. It often amazes people why a small piece of raw fish and fermented rice costs so much? 

Well, the answer lies in the technique. Finely-made sushi comes with fine texture, color, and of course taste. If you are already a fan of sushi, you probably have tried making it at home. It is tough to make it by hand like the Japanese chefs. 

Sushi Facts
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But you can get your hands-on sushi making kits on https://www.sushi-planet.com/best-sushi-making-kits/. Before you rush to buy one, let us take you to an amazing world of sushi and know some interesting facts.

Read on to know more:

  1. Origin Of Sushi: The parent dish of sushi is narezushi which means aged sushi. The name suggests the way the rice is fermented with fish to create a dish. It traces its origin along the Mekong River in south-east Asia. It traveled to Japan during the Yayoi period and became a hot favorite there. 

The way you see sushi was popularized by Hanaya Yohei in the 1820s. He set up a sushi cart in Edo, modern-day Tokyo, and began selling it in a fast-food fashion. Instead of using fermented rice, he used rice vinegar. His dish got rave reviews and thus began the wonderful journey of sushi as we know it today.

  1. Sushi & Its Transformation: Most ancient dishes transform with time. The same thing happened with sushi as well. Initially, fermented rice was wrapped around salted fish. It preserved the fish. At the time of serving, rice was discarded. 

With time, this rice began to be consumed. Today, neither the rice is fermented nor the fish is preserved. Rice vinegar is added to fresh rice to give a sour tinge. Fresh fish is used, mostly salmon, and fugu. Even the nori is now cultivated contrary to the old times when it was scrapped off the base of fishing boats.

  1. Wasabi Tales: Sushi is incomplete without wasabi. Authentic wasabi is made from a tiny, delicate wasabi plant’s rhizome. It is grated to get the powerful taste that kills microbes in the raw fish. And, at the top of it, its taste vanishes after 15 minutes of making it. So, wasabi must be freshly made and consumed. 

What you get in restaurants is a horseradish paste mixed with mustard and edible dyes. Duh! Try authentic wasabi for its amazing anti-microbial properties.

  1. No Chopsticks Please: See any video or photo, you will find a pair of chopsticks next to sushi rolls. Well, it is meant to be eaten by hand. So ditch those chopsticks and get your hands dirty.
  1. 10 Years To Be a Sushi Chef: Making sushi is an art and the artist needs to train for at least 10 years! Well, that is what makes sushi such a perfect dish!