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5 Types of Business Majors and the Differences Between Them

Business Majors and the Differences
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Business remains one of the most prestigious majors to take in college. However, it is confusing when you see different executives who claim to have studied business in college yet they engage in different professions. Get the best finance homework help online to boost your performance and improve your chances of getting your dream job. 

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Business major is broader than the name may suggest and could be confusing to many students. Before looking at the different business majors in many colleges, it is important to see how a student can choose the best business major. Here are simplified tips.

  • Interests- are you interested in sales, banking, finance, marketing or what element of business processes appeals the most to you? Since interests make you a more passionate worker, give the element the amount of weight it requires. 
  • Skills and strengths- sales persons are good at going out and getting results while marketers love endearing products to people. Bankers love the handling of money and while managers may prefer dealing with people. Evaluate your strength to see where you fit. 
  • Salary and career development- some business majors are more lucrative and will give faster changes of growth. Make the right decision to safeguard your fortunes. 
  • Work/life balance- will the job allow you to enjoy more rest time without financial strain? What time will you be required to get to work and at what time do you leave? All these options must count. 

With this knowledge, it is now easier to choose a business major and live with the consequences of your choice. Here are the 5 main business majors and how to distinguish them. 

  1. Accounting- an accountant is mainly involved with the flow of cash into and out of the business. He ensures that money goes into the right departments and it is spent for the intended purpose. At an advanced level, they become auditors scrutinizing and verifying that money was spent as allocated. 
  2. Marketing- marketing executives are tasked with promoting a brand, pricing, and creating awareness. Among the main business majors in college, they will be tasked with market analysis and developing strategies for market penetration. They must understand communication skills and work closely with sales persons to meet customer needs.
  3. Sales- if you see all engagements in terms of results, you should become a sales executive. The agents are tasked bringing customers to the business or taking products to customers. It requires a convincing tongue that will not easily give up due to rejection. 
  4. International Business- as the name suggests, they deal with business coming or going to the international market. They must understand the laws, logistics, taxation, and languages, among other factors. It is one of the most lucrative majors and comes with incredible exposure. 
  5. Human Resources- you are tasked with managing employees. A HR manager knows who to hire, the terms of service, benefits, and exit. You must bring the best talent, keep the talent, and compensate adequately.

There are other majors including banking, business information systems, and administration, among others. Passion should guide the decision on the major to take. All these majors can be advanced into a Masters of Business Administration or MBA.