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One of the Best Anime Websites – Kissanime

anime websites - kissanime

Kissanime is a very popular website amongst anime lovers. Because it is a free site, thousands of fans come here to watch thousands of anime stories. The website lets you access your favorite anime easily. In addition to this, the website has the best English subbed and dubbed anime. And that too in HD. So, it has now become a central point for anime lovers. They love to spend their time on Kissanime. Also, it is the king of anime websites.

What is Anime?


There are many chances that you can be new to the anime. Or you might be reading the blog to explore more about it. Then you are in the right place. Before jumping into further discussion, here is what you need to know. What is Anime?

So, anime is a style of Japanese animation. Such animations feature in their films and TV shows. Also, this style is often characterized by colorful graphics. Moreover, it has vibrant characters and fantastic themes. The picture above will provide you with an idea about the anime animation from Japanese-dissemination.

Now, coming back to Kissanime, this website provides you not with the cheap old anime shows but with so many genres. For instance, you can go for romantic, comedy, or rom-com. Moreover, you can watch horror, sci-fi, fight, love, exotic, fantasy and many more. In comparison with other anime websites, Kissanime is the largest one that contains a huge amount of anime content.  Besides, all content is for free which gets uploaded in a consistent manner. So you can enjoy the video quality up to 240p-1080p.

How you Can Download an Anime from Kissanime

As it is the largest point of anime shows from other anime websites, you can easily download an episode of your favorite anime show. 

Here is how you can do it:

  • First, search for the series on the search bar or categories
  • Then, click on the title to be redirected to the list of episodes of that following anime
  • After it, choose or click on the episode you want to watch
  • Now, you will see a player streaming, but that’s not the goal right now
  • Scroll down more till you see something like (mobile/download save link as..) with the pixel dimensions
  • Now, right-click on the desired quality in which you want to watch it and select save link as
  • Then, choose a location to save the file
  • Paste the link on the download manager’s new download after copying the link address
  • And there you go. If you follow all steps as per the directions above, you can download any episode easily

Is Kissanime Legal or Illegal?

Kissanime is not legal, but also it is not illegal as well. It might be confusing for you, but pirating is only illegal for the one who is hosting the site. As Kissanime is not hosting the videos on google or upload, then it is not hosting any illegal content. In addition, they now have their own website from where you can download the episodes as per your choice.

So here is a little view of the website showing an anime. They are dubbed and subbed in English so that you can enjoy them. 

kissanime - anime websites

The Cause of Popularity of Kissanime

First thing is that this anime animation, which is a Japanese style of animation, is very attractive. It is all due to its style, pattern and manner they follow to explain any story. Such a style is far better than any other movie or cartoon, etc.

The main thing that attracts the users is that anime explains all the types of emotions. Be it happiness, sorrow or grief, anger hatred, and drama, you will love to watch the whole episode. Other than this, these anime are so interesting that not only Chinese, Japanese and Koreans like them but also others like English or Asians love to watch them.

Due to this reason, these anime are available with English subtitles. This is where Kissanime beats all other anime websites where you can find the anime shows at the best quality of dubbing with so many ranges of pixels dimensions. Also, this is the reason that this website Kissanime is the largest point for watching anime.

Advantages of Watching Anime on Kissanime

  1. One of the best things about this marvelous website is that it is totally free to use. You can also download it easily. Moreover, you can watch the same episodes for free no matter how many times you want to watch them.
  2. Second thing is that with a fast server you can cope with all the access ads which all other premium anime websites show. 
  3. On the other hand, Kissanime provides the vast majority of anime content as series or movies or drama free of cost which is much better to take interest in. There are so many categories to take a look at. 
  4. It’s not like you are always going to watch the same type of stories again and again. Instead of that, you can choose a category to read something more interesting. 
  5. Thus, this is one of the reasons people are so fond of these anime. But if you choose Kissanime to watch them, that would be cherry on top. For anime fans, Kissanime is a good website and many resources are also available there.

Is Kissanime Safe and Secure?

anime websites - kissanime

Here comes the main thing:

Most people think that Kissanime is not a trustworthy website to use. They also think that it carries viruses that affect devices like computers and mobile phones. In accordance with the multiple feedbacks, there is no trace of the virus on Kissanime. Thus it is a safe and secure website to use. Also, there is no trace of malware function on the official website of Kissanime.

However, some spammers and hackers have created a copy of the website to track or trap the users. But things didn’t work out for them and the website is all safe and there is no virus. 

Account and Signing Up Requirements

Most people are in doubt whether it is necessary to create an account at Kissanime or not. So the thing is it is not necessary to sign up or create an account. One can easily use this website without having an account at Kissanime. Without signing up you can watch all your favorite anime shows or movies. 

The benefit of having an account at Kissanime is one can receive the latest updates and uploads of their favorite series. In addition to this, they can like, comment and share, etc. Also, you can follow discussions and comments on videos.

Category and Selection

There is a false perception that anime is only about romance and love. However, this is not true. This is the largest website for anime shows which consists of unlimited options for horror-comedy sports, funny, adventurous, space and many more. Moreover, you can watch the dubbed anime stories that contain morals. Such animes help the young generation to understand situations better. Also, you can find new content related to various topics on a daily basis. All you have to do is just to be aware of the mirror websites of Kissanime.

What is Mirror Site?

A mirror site is basically a complete copy of a website or page. But the only difference between a mirror site and the real one is between their domain extensions. So before using the website beware that you are using the actual site or official site. Kissanime.com which was the official website has now gotten the official name as Kissanime.ru. However, you must run a malware scan before using it.

So this was all you need to know about this marvelous website Kissanime. Go and find your type of relative category and watch to make that series your favorite.