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What is a Split King Adjustable Bed and Why You Need One Right Now

What is a Split King Adjustable Bed and Why You Need One Right Now

As time grows, the parameter for comfort also changes from person to person. As far as beds are concerned, technology has also evolved from time to time and we have seen many new facelifts as well. The recent advances have been about giving more flexibility according to the working pattern of the user of the bed and their comfort requirements. The revolution in this was done by the invention of the Adjustable Bed.

Features of Adjustable Beds

  • When the adjustable beds were invented they had a hinged mechanism to give choices of angular profile for different tilted positions hence split king adjustable mattresses. It consists of two XL beds which are placed side by side. Its adjustable feature gives a better upper or lower body upliftment which upscales the comfort index of the people resting on it.
  • Because of its elevated roof which is discussed above, presently it is used in Hospitals for patients ailing with Fractures or Surgery but today it has found itself as prominent furniture in residences as well.
  • The only downside for an adjustable bed is that in the case of couples with different sleeping patterns or preferences. If one wants to lie flat and the other wants an angle uplifted of the head side, then this would be a discomfort for both as the bed could either be inclined or flat but not both.

This created a demand for an innovation wherein the bed was divided into halves giving an electronic individual-centric control of the angular level without compromising with their comfort and the same was named Split King Adjustable Bed. The mattresses would be two twin XL beds placed sideways to the size of a King Size and nowadays they are controlled with wireless remote and even charging options.

This proves to be beneficial to people with spinal injury or recoveries and reduces snoring problems & Motion disturbance to the other partner as well. People with Arthritis and swollen legs have also found relief sleeping with their legs elevated and improving blood circulation. Irrespective of being a Back Sleeper or Side Sleeper, the elevation rules out the requirement of many pillows or full night adjustments as well.

We believe in bringing the future of Sleep to our customers- Our beds have 2 USG Plug points for near to zero excess movement and full comfort. At the “Zero Gravity ” Level the body adjusts to a position which as per NASA the Astronauts are positioned to relieve back pressure and better Circulations.

All these comforts which are provided by the adjustable bed are only possible if we have the right one because there are various companies which are offering split king adjustable beds. Therefore, you select the right company which assures good quality. And if you are suffering from any kind of body pain while they are sleeping you should immediately book a split king adjustable mattress for yourself.

There are great benefits of a split king adjustable bed. People most often prefer these mattresses because of their being adjustable and comfortable and it’s an amazing remote control unit. As it is manufactured with two separate bases, which gives great quality sleep, it takes that amount of space which is taken by the bed itself. These mattresses are very expensive because the price for paying the mattress is worth it.

The Benefits of Using the Split King Adjustable Bed are:

  • Good Motion Control- As we know that if two people are sleeping on the bed these are two separate mattresses for them. If a person wants to change or shift the position of the mattress they can easily do that without changing the sleeping position of the other person.
  • Independent Choices- Each person can control the settings of the mattresses which they want and control the systems of elevations independently.
  • Easily Movable- It is said that you can easily move the twin XL mattresses as compared to moving any other mattress.
  • No Motion Transfer Disturbance Takes Place- In split king beds where if you are sleeping with your partner while you are sleeping, their movement won’t destroy your sleep.
  • Improves Sleeping Disorder- While choosing the split king adjustable bed can help you in overcoming various problems like snoring, neck pain, or back pain as it helps in getting rid of such habits while sleeping.

Comparison in Price

When it comes to the price there are a wide range of variety and the cost of the mattress which also includes amazing offers, free delivery, warranty services, and 365 days sleep trial. Along with that they also provide other accessories for the bed which include the cooling pillow, sheet set, and mattress protector which is free, and these are only provided by only Nectar sleep mattresses. There are several other companies as well but when we compare the quality and services it is always a wise option for choosing the Nectar mattresses. Our price compared to other brands is also considered reasonable without compromising on the quality. Therefore before investing your money you should wisely choose the right company that will give you more benefits after purchasing from their company and for all these Nectar sleep mattresses is the one-stop-shop for you.


Hence it is very important to find the right bed with a good quality mattress because it helps you in improving your sleep so that you get a good quality of sleep. As we know that a mattress has a lot to do with your sleeping pattern and also for a healthy life it is very important to follow a correct pattern for sleeping. Hence you should choose the right mattress. Depending on the type of body which you have you can choose your mattress. It is said that a split king adjustable bed is one of the best types of beds which a person should prefer if they are suffering from severe back pain, neck pain or suffering from arthritis and it also helps in getting rid of the habits like snoring, etc.