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Effective Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Fragrant

Effective Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Fragrant
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A bathroom is an essential part of our homes, but it sometimes gets forgotten during daily cleaning routines. Most people rarely clean their bathroom every day due to busy schedules, and that is the major cause of bathroom odors. Additionally, we use the bathroom for body functions that are smelly. That, however, does not mean that we should be ‘okay” with a smelly bathroom and as it can be a source of illnesses and embarrassment. There are a lot of bathroom cleaning tools materials that you can buy online at low prices.

How to Keep Bathroom Clean

Below are some tips on how you can keep this high-traffic room clean.

Install water Repellent on Shower Walls and Doors :

Water repellent is effective at keeping water minerals and soap scum from getting stuck on the walls. Since all these unwanted materials will run off to the bottom, you avoid the unpleasant appearance of dirty tiles as a result of scum. This way, you can continue with your weekend complete bathroom cleaning, and the bathroom will remain sparkling for the following five days.

You can easily purchase a water-resistant online and get it delivered at your doorsteps. You can pay less if you look for a coupon code or shop from an e-commerce site with great deals for bathroom hygiene items.

Avoid Using a Bar Soap at The Sink :

Bar soap is not the best choice for hands cleaning at the sink as it will leave as traces of grime on the surface. A grimy soap dish is not also pleasing to the eye and can hence be considered dirty. Instead, use a liquid soap with a pump or have a soap dispenser on the wall. A clean sink will have a huge impact on the appearance of your bathroom.

One simple way of acquiring quality bathroom cleaning and fragrance materials at lower prices is by taking advantage of online coupons. Online retailers offer voucher codes and many more great deals to entice people into online shopping. Below are some ways of keeping your bathroom clean and fragrant.

Have well-Arranged Bathroom Cabinets:

A clean bathroom can appear dirty if you still have empty shampoo bottles in the cabinets. Some people also ruin the appearance of their bathroom by placing all the bathroom items on the counter. Eliminate all the hygiene and personal care products that you no longer use and arrange the remaining items in your medicine cabinet. De-cluttering the bathroom will make it look and feel clean.

Have Enough Towel Bars:

A bathroom with towels hung on the walls looks both cramped and dirty. The towels will also take longer to dry as they cannot get enough supply of dry air. You can avoid all these by installing enough towel bars at strategic positions like over the door. The towels should also be clean and dry.

Buy Stronger Cleaners:

The type of bathroom cleaners you use also determines how clean your bathroom will be. Poor quality cleaning materials do not eliminate all the soap scum from the wall and the floor, more so if it has stayed for long. Get a coupon code and purchase the best bathroom cleaner from an online retailer. Some of these products can help the sinks, tubs and toilets to stay stain free for several days.

Keep a Canister of Disinfecting Wipes Somewhere in the bathroom:

Having easily accessible wipes allows you to quickly eliminate small stains like toothpaste splatters and other messes whenever you see them. Eliminating stains before they dry is better is easier than removing stains that have already dried.

Image Source – Pexels.com

How to Keep Bathroom Fragrant

Use the following tips to keep your bathroom smelling fresh all the time.

Use an Automatic Bathroom Air Freshener:

Keeping the air in the bathroom fresh is not easy without the help of air fresheners. Unlike spray air fresheners, you don’t have to use the freshener every time you visit the bathroom. These sprayers release the fragrance at intervals to ensure that the room stays with a fresh scent around the clock. However, an air freshener should not replace regular bathroom cleaning as you will only be covering up the awful smell. Remember you cannot hide the odor once it is stronger than the fresh scent from the air freshener.

Get a Small Dehumidifier for Your Bathroom:

In addition to the awful smell from the toilet, moisture in the bathroom can also contribute to unpleasant smells. Most bathrooms get damp due to the lack of good ventilation. The dampness causes musty smells that are hard to eliminate thorough cleaning. One easy solution to this problem is purchasing a dehumidifier for your bathroom.

These machines are small and easy to install in any bathroom space. They also consume less power compared to their larger counterparts. You will notice that the stench is gone after only a few days after installation. Dehumidifiers also prevent the growth of harmful mold and mildew in your bathroom.

Parting Words

The above bathroom cleaning and fragrance tips can help any homeowner improve the appearance and smell of their bathrooms within a short time. Having a clean and fragrant bathroom requires the owner’s effort and the use of additional tools and materials. Most of the bathroom cleaning materials are readily available in both online and land-based stores, but you have to ensure that you have bought quality materials. 

Great deals like Bath and Body Works promo code can help you save some money when purchasing these materials.