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AWS Solution Architect Associate Tips In 2020

AWS Solution Architect Associate Tips In 2020

AWS Certified Solutions Architect is designed for individuals who execute solutions for the architect act. It also includes those who hold experience in designing, cost-efficiency, and scale distributed systems on Amazon Web Services. The new version of this will be available on March 23, 2020.

AWS Certified Solution Architect is a popular exam and every student desires to achieve a high score in the first attempt. It is only possible with the complete preparation of exams. Therefore to help you get high scores in these exams, we have jotted down some authentic AWS certified solutions architect – associate dumps and tips. 

Some Best AWS Solution Architect Associate Tips

Here are our tips for your help:

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is placed at the top of the list of AWS services. It is responsible for storing and retrieving data that plays an outstanding role in cloud computing. Therefore, AWS offers admirable service, which is called Amazon Simple Storage Service or Amazon S3.

Amazon EC2 [Elastic Compute Cloud]

It provides extensible computing capacity in the AWS cloud. Through Amazon EC2, an individual can easily develop and expand applications early and effectively at a low cost.

AWS Lambda

This service permits its user to run code without a server. Usually, it executes code at the time of requirement & scale accordingly.

Amazon Glacier

One of the most essential services provided by AWS. Through Glacier, people can store their information very effectively not only for months or years but decades consequently. 

Amazon SNS

Amazon Simple Notification Service conducts and distributes messages or notifications to the client that received from any cloud platform. Besides this Amazon SNS automatically generates services and sends emails with a message “ YOUR EC2 INSTANCE IS GROWING” when the individual uses Auto Scaling.

Amazon CloudFront

This helps in speeding up the sharing of influential and static webs like HTML and image files towards the user. Doubtlessly it sends your data, images and other stuff to the client with high speed.

Amazon EBS [Elastic Block Store]

It is used to store persistent data. Thereby an individual can also use EBS service for moving data from one instance to another without losing stored data.

Amazon Kinesis

If you are worried about how to deal with large amounts of data then Amazon Kinesis is here to solve your problem. It provides service for handling big data in real-time. Thus it permits the developer to collect a large volume of data from any source for running EC2 instances. 

Amazon VPC

Security is a basic demand for privacy. Indeed, it is very necessary to assure the security of your data. Thus Amazon VPC secured your information with AWS cloud so that only authorized people can view the data.

Amazon SQS

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) manages queue service. Through this, you can shift your data and messages from one application to another, whether you are in an active state or not. Generally, the message visibility time is 12 hours in this service.  

Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

Developers or Planers can expand services and web application development easily on this site. It happens particularly through the help of Java, PHP, and others without even providing any infrastructure service.


DynamoBD permits you to create the database tables. Then that can retrieve and keep any format of data. Subsequently, it is also responsible for controlling traffic over multiple servers. Furthermore, it maintains the performances of tables.


These are the top services of AWS certified solution architects. There is no better preparation than a hands-on experience for exams. There are many relevant AWS Training courses and other resources for the assessment of your exams. It is better to do research for AWS solution architect associate dumps for authentic sources rather than a scam.