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The Best Watch In Town: Apple Series 4

apple watch series 4

Nowadays every gadget serves more than a single purpose. This is where the internet of things and smart products play key roles. Likewise, smartwatches offer you many cool features.

One such smartwatch is the smartwatch of Apple Series 4. Luckily, Apple is upgrading and launching a new series of gadgets. So, now you can now avail of a couple of new health fitness features. Besides this, excellent battery life and its upgraded beautiful display make it unique. 

apple watch series 4

The Apple watch series is famous as the best smartwatches in town and we cannot deny the fact that it is.

Some Cool Features of Apple Series 4 Smartwatch

Have you checked the features of the best smartwatch in the town? If not, here are some amazing upgraded features of Apple watch series 4. Go ahead check below. I am sure you will end up understanding how an Apple smartwatch is good for your lifestyle.

  • Beautiful Design

Apple has given many differently designed watch series. Now it is getting pretty much successful. The latest design of Apple watches series 4 provides the customers with a bigger screen. Additionally, it is sleeker and faster. Furthermore, it includes two prominent external changes. It comes in two sizes that are 40mm and 44mm with stainless gold option.

Not only does the smartwatch feel less bulky but also the ceramics and sapphire crystal of the heart rate sensor make it more comfortable to wear.

  • Display

There are different versions of the Apple smartwatch available. For apple watch series 4, there are 42mm and 40 mm models available. The only difference between 40mm and 42mm models is their screen size otherwise the whole casing feels miniature.

Other than this, Series 4 in the 44mm model feels like a new territory. There are more screen applications to show more content. Once you start wearing new displays, the old ones will feel odd.

Let us move towards its thickness, as we cannot ignore the change in its thickness because it is pretty obvious. Although Series 4 is thinner than the previous series, it is not as thin as the original apple watch.

The back of series 4 is also worth admiring. However, you do not see when you are wearing it is attractive. Moreover, Apple has upgraded the heart sensor. Also, it has redesigned the smartwatch to make it look more balanced than technical.

  • Gold Stainless Steel

The gold and apple watch have a fun history. The original apple watch involved the edition collection of real gold. Because of the presence of actual gold, the prices ranged from $10,000 to $17,000. This gold color is not yellow or pink but it is restrained gold. Thus, Apple made a new gold stainless steel finish on series 4.

If you are wearing this gold-colored watch, then you are going to get a lot of attention. Most people give lots of attention to their color. The word ‘pretty’ is the first thing that comes out of their mouth to describe its beauty. Still, Apple is looking forward to making much more beautiful and advanced versions

  • Health Monitoring

Apple series 4 is designed to take care of your health as well. When you are all busy, paying attention to your tablets and phones, etc. these smartwatches can help there. It reminds you to take care of yourself.

Moreover, apple series 4 has upgraded new health features. One of them is the fall detection feature. Besides this, there are new upgrades for low heart rate and irregular rhythms.

  • Fall Detection

The apple watch series 4 has not only improved it’s designed but also updated new features like fall detection. Through this update, many problems are easy to solve now. For instance, if you are an active person and you like being in sports and running activities.  And if you are afraid, you might lose your iPhone or Apple watch then this feature is best for you.

The update intelligently detects when someone wearing this smartwatch falls and he requires an emergency call. It automatically calls emergency services. Besides this, it alerts your emergency contacts too within a minute of the fall.

If you are under 65, then this feature is turned off by default. It is because of the reason that younger people usually participate in activities that could be mistaken for a fall. Although, You can always turn it on manually.

  • Excellent Speed And Battery Life

If you had worn Apple series 0, you might be so frustrated because of its slow speed. On the contrary, series one and two were launched confusingly at the same time with the same dual-core chips. These core chips were up to 50 percent faster than S1. After that, S3 was released with a 70 percent faster program. This chip was faster than any smartwatch before.

However, series 4 with dual chips S4 finally cranked the chip performance. This is mainly due to its 64-bit processing. In this series, battery life is exceptional. Moreover, Apple series 4 advertises up to 18 hours with a single charge. Although it is similar to series 3, you can use it for almost 24 hours without charging it.

However, some applications can deplete your battery quicker. This could be streaming music and activating all sensors during a workout. Thus you must manage your usage well and it can take longer to fully drain your battery.

  • More Features

To make you more aware of Apple watch series 4, here are some prominent features:

  1.  It provides you with ECG on your wrist. You are notified for low and high heart rate
  2. The smartwatch can be your ultimate workout partner
  3. It also provides the freedom of calling, personalized coaching, and monthly challenges
  4. Also, it offers a proactive health monitor and a walkie-talkie
apple watch series 4


Today’s world is much more digital now. The apple watch has developed a great challenge for the upcoming generation. However, The Apple Watch is capable of meeting the needs of the new generation. 

According to the researchers, It is shown that Apple Inc. is influencing most of the younger generation because of its edgy end and sleek look. Besides this, its capability and efficiency will make you fall in love with it.