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How To Outsource Your Angularjs Development Work And To Whom

Outsource Your Angularjs Development
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Hi, readers. Few questions right now: Have you ever wondered why so many IT companies and other enterprises choose to outsource web development? Why do they prefer outsourcing instead of the classic format of cooperation with an internal team? What makes development outsourcing such an attractive option? I will try to answer these questions in this article. 

Statistics claim that in 2013 more than 288 billion was spent on outsourcing IT services, and this figure is growing steadily every year. A decent amount, isn’t it? What are the advantages of outsourcing IT services to encourage people to hire a remote team instead of the classic formation of an IT department within the company?

Why should you choose outsourcing of AngularJS development company?

Let’s be clear: it’s perfectly okay to hesitate about these services, especially if you’ve never encountered them before. Everything here will be new and unknown for you. And in the end, is it worth taking such risks?

However, we are absolutely sure that you will change your position after reading this article. In it, I will guide you step by step through the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing in IT and let you decide which type of cooperation is right for your business.

Advantages of outsourcing AngularJS development company

  • Substantial savings

If you are in an eternal struggle to keep funds in the company’s budget, then outsourcing of software development will be your best solution.

It’s really simple: if you hire an in-house development team, you automatically give your consent to pay for their vacations, sick days, etc. In addition, you are responsible for paying their taxes, renting a space large enough to accommodate the entire team, and providing snacks, coffee, and other must-haves these days.

Add all these factors together and you have a decent amount. So why spend that extra money when your company can save a lot by using the services of outsourcing agencies?

  • Ability to focus on key features

As a company manager, you have many responsibilities on your shoulders and without the need to monitor and organize the work of the development team. You need to look for new connections, cover the company’s work in the market, look for investors, and build strategies for conquering the market.

We know that running both a startup and a large corporation takes up all of your free time and energy. Therefore, leave the technical development to us, and we will do everything in our power to exceed your wildest expectations.

For the most successful cooperation, we, as a company offering remote teams for software development, need the exact terms of reference for the proposed project. And for this, a well-organized initial communication is vital.

But once we are confident that we clearly understand your expectations, you can easily return to your key responsibilities, leaving the development to us. This is great news for startups and market leaders alike.

  • A “treasure island” of talents

Full stack outsourcing companies offer at your service not only experienced IT specialists, but also leading QA, project managers and other team members. In addition, these companies have much more technology to offer than a traditional in-house team.

Thus, if during the course of the project you suddenly realize that you want to make changes to the web design, you will not need to hire a full-time professional to do this work. You can easily transfer this task to an outsourcing agency, which always has a person ready to take on such a task at any time.

This solution will cost you much less than a full-time employee. And since this person not only already has experience with this remote team, but is also in the same office with them, their collaboration can be less time-consuming. Isn’t it great?

  • Reducing risks for your business

When a remote team takes charge of a project, you no longer need to worry about deadlines. If you have agreed on specific dates, rest assured that everything will be ready by the agreed date, as they are interested in ensuring that every customer is happy and leaves positive feedback. The reputation and flow of clients of outsourcing agencies depend on user satisfaction, which means that they will do everything possible to complete your project at the highest level.

Please note that this is not a situation where the client has decided to change the scope of work in the middle of a project. In such cases, it should be noted that changes in volumes require additional time and effort. This means that it will not be possible to meet the originally stipulated deadline.

If no changes were made to the original requirements, the outsourcing agency will surpass itself to fulfill the order on time. Therefore, feel free to plan the launch of advertising campaigns for the finished product and strategies to conquer the market!

  • No unnecessary contracts

Hiring, firing and promoting employees within a company can be painful and time-consuming And business owners have to deal with all this. Alternatively, full-time dedicated staff can be hired to handle these issues.

The good news is that if you hire an outsourcing agency, all this bureaucracy will not be difficult for you, because it will be on the agency’s side. And even if they do not have enough developers, this will not affect your project in any way, because their responsibility is to complete the project on time. And how they do it you shouldn’t worry.

Of course, you should be very careful when signing a contract with an outsourcing company. Please read all points carefully to avoid any unpleasant surprises. And remember the good news, this is the only contract you need to carefully read before signing.

  • Access to the latest technology trends.

If you want to have a competitive advantage over other companies in your niche, immediately seek help from an outsourcing company. They are the ones who try to always keep up with the latest technologies. The point is that it is in their best interest if they seek to lead the market. And this turn of events plays into your hands.

And while it can be time-consuming to find and recruit an in-house team with a knowledgeable practitioner of the latest technology, outsourcing agencies can offer you such developers right away.

We hope that now you better understand why IT outsourcing may be the best solution for you. But it would be unfair to leave you in the dark about the potential risks of IT outsourcing. Therefore, we have also compiled a list of risks for your review.

Here you will find a list of all the possible disadvantages of outsourcing web development that you should keep in mind.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing

  • Complexity of cultural differences

It’s no secret that developers from Eastern Europe or Asia cost companies much less than their counterparts in North America and Western Europe. Please note that we are by no means claiming that “cheaper” necessarily means “less quality”.

However, working with someone whose worldview, attitude to work and understanding of the basics of effective communication are different from everything to which you are used to, can be a real challenge.

Solution: It is better to hire teams from those countries that are closest in mentality to yours. So, for example, if you live in Europe, contact an agency from Ukraine for help: with them, you will not only save your company money due to their low rates, but also get well-coordinated communication, since their mentality is close to yours.

  • Bad communication

Depending on the country where the outsourcing agency is located, with which you want to start cooperation, the quality of communication may be poor. The main problem might be the time zone difference. If you live in the United States and your team is in Eastern Europe, your work schedules may not overlap.

But since well-established communication is the key to successful product development, we believe this should be said.

Solution: There are two ways to solve this problem. First, you can choose a team that doesn’t live on the other side of the world. This will completely avoid problems with timing differences. Secondly, you can arrange in advance with the team to call at a time that suits both parties. It is advisable to agree on this point initially in order to avoid misunderstandings during the work.

Where can you outsource AngularJS development company?

One of the most popular companies is CSSSR. If you type in “outsource AngularJS development”, this company will be on the top. Here is their website: Csssr

The CSSSR group specializes in developing front-end apps and websites of any complexity for a wide range of industries.

They develop websites and web applications using JavaScript. The opinion of users about a product largely depends on how well the front-end part of the development is done. The original design and ideas should look great and work perfectly in any browser, OS and device.

What they can do:

  • Single Page Application (SPA)

The SPA UI logic runs right in the browser. These apps are fast and responsive.

  • Progressive Web Application (PWA)

PWAs have capabilities that bring them closer to native apps. They are fast, reliable and user-friendly.

  • Real-time web application

Such applications provide real-time information transfer between users. These can be instant messengers, news feeds, dashboards, etc.

  • API integration

API integration is needed to build data exchange between various services, including third-party applications.

  • Stack migration

They come to the rescue if it is necessary to transfer the entire project from outdated and ineffective technologies to modern ones.

  • Consulting

They are happy to provide technical advice on any issue related to their competence

  • Technology stack

Most of the time they develop not only with AngularJS, but also with React and Vue.

Experience with a wide range of technologies helps CSSSR to select the right tools and libraries depending on the project requirements.

If necessary, this AngularJS development company can provide a complex team, including a front-end and a back-end.

They also help businesses develop web solutions of any complexity. CSSSR fights for every customer in the highly competitive e-commerce industry.


Now I am absolutely sure that you are well aware of the advantages and disadvantages, risks and their solutions in the matter of outsourcing web development. As you can see from this article, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. No one has the slightest doubt about that. And even the difficulties that make up the above disadvantages can be overcome with high-quality communication. I hope that the cooperation with CSSSR will be fruitful and productive.