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Amanda Fuller from Last Man Standing, OITNB and Netflix Wiki, Net Worth, Family, Facts

Amanda Fuller

Amanda Fuller – Introduction

Source – Youtube.com

Amanda Fuller is an American TV series as well as movie actress. Amanda has been mesmerizing the audience from her performances since a long time and the audience are pretty much in love with her. She was born on 27th of August, 1984. She was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. The ethnicity of Amanda and her family is pretty mixed, they are all German, French, English as well as Mexican roots to the family.  Amanda Fuller is best known for her impeccable performance in ‘Last Man Standing’ where she played the role of Kristin Baxter, tremendously. 

Amanda Fuller – Personal Life

Though we don’t know much about the personal life of Amanda, we can tell you this much that she graduated from Notre Dame High School which is located in Sherman Oaks, California. She did her graduation in the year 2002 and has currently now moved to Los Angeles, California. Amanda Fuller has 2 brothers named as Matt Fuller and Jeff Fuller. Amanda Fuller’s father is known to be a retired police officer. Her parent also used to own a very small but amazing furniture store at the time when Amanda was young. 

Amanda Fuller is happily married to a guy named Matthew Bryan Field. Matthew is a musician, writer, vocalist and a composer. Although the couple has been really open about their relationship to the media and public, they still aren’t married to each other or even if they are there is no substantial evidence to this statement. On the other hand, there has been a claim from Amanda that she is pregnant and is going to have her baby with Matthew soon. 

Amanda Fuller had some dark days too. She had been a patient of chronic illness as well as endometriosis her entire life. This obviously hasn’t been easy for Amanda. She also stated that she has some other illnesses too although she hasn’t disclosed those illnesses in particular. On the other hand, Amanda has been strong about her health since childhood and we pray and want her to get better as soon as possible. 

Amanda Fuller – Early Career

Amanda started her career at a very young age. When she got her first role, she was only nine years old. She started her career with a small but meaningful role in ‘Tales of the City’. Other than this role, she has been called as a guest appearance and had been playing small roles in her early career which were actually kind of a boost-up for her career.

Other roles includes the character of Eve in the TV series ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ who was one of the vital slayer roles which appeared in the last season unexpectedly. She also had an incredible performance in ‘Till There Was You’ where she played the role of a 13 year old girl named Debbie. 

Amanda Fuller – Present Career

Amanda Fuller is tremendously known for her amazing performance in ’Last Man Standing’ where she played the role of Kristin Baxter, outstandingly. There are many other roles that she is pursuing currently. Amanda’s credit also include the indie movie ‘Red, White and Blue’ as well as ‘Creature’. She also had some vital appearances in ‘Law and Order’, ‘8 Simple Rules’, ‘Touched by an Angel’, Malcom in the Middle’, ‘L.A. Doctors’, ‘Through the Eyes of a Monster’ and many other incredible roles in the industry. Amanda Fuller was also a repetitive appearance on the historical show ’Grey’s Anatomy’. 

Amanda and Her Fans

Amanda has been very active when it comes to interacting with her fans. She is pretty active and updated when it comes to replying to the comments of her fans and interacting with them on social media. The social media accounts of Amanda Fuller like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter has been really active and she replies to most of the fans, keep them updated with her recent activities, post current pictures and emotions which makes the fan feel like they are trusted and loved by Amanda. The fan following that Amanda has is incredible, the fan loyalty and love is something that other actors and actresses love and envy. 

Popular Guest

It is not very much prominent but Amanda has performed some of the best and recurring guest appearances in many of the TV series as well as several movies. The best and most liked by the audience guest appearances include the shows ’Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, ‘NCIS’, ‘Bones’, and most importantly ’Grey’s Anatomy’. 

Other Talents

It is pretty prominent by the performances of Amanda Fuller that she has many more talents other than just acting. She actually started her career way too early to even imagine. She made her first ramp walk as a model at the tender age of 3. Isn’t is mind blowing? Modeling was something Amanda was really good at but she always kept on exploring other options for herself. On the other hand, Amanda Fuller was also interested in dancing. She took dancing classes at one point of her life. She has been ravishing in dancing but there was clearly more to Amanda than dancing and it was acting. Amanda Fuller was amazingly incredible in her acting career and made her career successful on the basis of the acting skills and amazing performances in movies. 

Amanda Fuller – Net Worth

Being an actress doesn’t always mean that you’ll make tons of money and live the most luxurious life ever but it does make sure that you gain all the love and respect of your audience. Amanda did some of the tremendous roles in the TV world as well as the movies. Her current new worth is $5 million which is pretty much above the average living standard for a person. She had prominently increased her net worth by her role as Kristin Baxter in ‘Last Man Standing’ and is assumed to earn and increase her net worth even more, now that she has a good role in ‘Orange is the New Black’.