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4 Reasons to Upgrade to Wireless Headphones: Experts

wireless headphones

MTS specialists found for the residents of Karelia at least four reasons to master wireless headphones.

Headphone Jack: In the Past

Yes, this is a harsh reality. This is because the main components of any sound equipment are an amplifier and a converter. Only after passing through them the sound “moves” to the connector. Expensive components (and they are only in an expensive smartphone) allow the gadget to be a dream for a music lover, while cheap ones disappoint. When the amplifier and converter are built into the headphones themselves, you can be sure that their sound will not differ when using different sources. The same wireless headphones will sound the same on different smartphones, with players and tablets, a laptop and even a game console. Standard codecs Bluetooth 4.0 and 5.0 are supported by most manufacturers, and very soon the mass will be the possibility of transmitting wirelessly uncompressed high-quality audio. Today it is the privilege of a bunch of flagship headsets and Sony smartphones.

Wireless Headphones are Inexpensive

Since today almost every second new smartphone is devoid of a separate headphone jack, manufacturers of audio accessories quickly adapted to this reality. Mass production of wireless headsets for every taste, color, and – this is important – a wallet has been established.

Minimum Wires Under Clothes

wireless headphones
Image Source: unsplash.com

The old bike about headphone wires becoming unusable is probably familiar to you too. Wireless headphones are not afraid of this ailment, especially if you choose overhead or fully wireless earbuds such as AirPods. Minuses? They also have: be careful with the charging connector, which is not the case with simple headphones.

Lossless Music and Speech

When using wired headphones without a microphone and buttons, all your calls will go through your smartphone, and any wireless headsets are already ready for communication and call management. Here it is, rather, the first priority, and most inexpensive models cope with it by five points. As for the sound quality of music, modern wireless headphones are hardly inferior in detail to the depth of the bass to conventional wired headphones at the same price. But most importantly, in everyday life, we ​​often have no time to plunge headlong into the subtleties and nuances of musical composition. In public transport, the difference between a Bluetooth headset and professional monitor headphones simply cannot be distinguished.

Battery? The Flight is Normal!

With wireless headphones with autonomy, everything is fine. Of course, not all models, but already for 2000-2500 rubles you can safely buy comfortable in-ear headphones with a barely noticeable rim that can be used to last up to ten hours of music playback. If you wish, you can find more impressive options, in addition, there is now a trend towards lowering the cost of headsets that support fast charging. How do you like this: another three hours of listening after five minutes of charging?

In general, for daily use – headphones without wires. They are not confused and do not depend on the device to which they are connected, and most importantly, there is plenty to choose from.

How to Choose a Headphone?

wireless headphones
Image Source: unsplash.com
  • Fashionable and creative headphones were developed not only by engineers but also by marketers. Therefore, the sophisticated logo and rich finish of such models took much more effort and money than the sound quality. These headphones are dominated by the sound of bass and drums. And everything else is no longer important. The main thing is that the ear … -)).
  • Bass (full-sized) produce a full-fledged sound: bass and treble are heard. The most important thing is that in these headphones new details of sound appear that you did not even suspect about before. For an amateur music lover, this is a good option, but not the last step on the road to excellence.
  • DJs and studios are not just good headphones these are the best bone conduction headphones. They allow you to hear the smallest details of the phonogram during recording or sound mixing. The musical picture in them is as detailed as possible: not only the parts of the musicians are heard, but also on what instruments they play, what effects they use. These headphones have everything that a professional needs to work and a music lover to enjoy. But this is not the limit.
  • Hi-Fi class – for gourmets. The main thing in such models is the unique design of the drivers, which produce perfect sound quality. He is not just drowning; he is still especially beautiful. The realism of the sound is such that it seems that the music is not from the recording, but plays directly in the room. These headphones usually listen to the highest quality phonogram.