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2,665 Stakes
646 Districts
338 Missions
26,670 Wards/Branches
12,175,822 Members
51,067 Full-time Missionaries
Increase in children of record during 2004: 98,870
Converts baptized during 2004: 241,239
Temples dedicated during 2004: 3 (Accra Ghana, Copenhagen Denmark and Manhattan New York)
Temples rededicated during 2004: 2 (Anchorage Alaska and Sao Paulo Brazil)
Total number of temples in operation: 119
(Salt Lake Tribune: www.sltrib.com Updated 4/03/2005)

•Mental Health: America rates Utah "most depressed"
•Utah Leads Nation in Antidepressant Consumption
•Salt Lake City web surfers lead the nation looking for "panties," up skirt," and "twinkies."
•Youth Suicide in Utah
     (Deseret News, April 2006)

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•Membership Mistakes
•New Utah Child Abuse Numbers
•Utah: The most violent state for women
•Utah No. 1 in mortgage fraud
•Utah leads in software theft
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•Major Health Insurance Fraud in Utah
•Utah men murder women at higher rates than the national average
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